In the Audience, a Scavenger Hunt Opportunity

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As many of you know, I took over the Scavenger Hunt meme from Curvaceous Dee when she shut down her sex blog a few months ago. (If you aren’t familiar with it, check out the linked information page – and join in the fun!) I’ve been slow to get it running again, but I’m getting back into the swing of things – and decided it’s time to swing my own bat as well and post one myself! 🙂 Viper and I had an unexpected date night the other night. We had been scheduled to go to our local kink group’s monthly party with his wife E, who was meeting her Dom there, but what with my back surgery and the struggles I’ve had to regain my physical strength (and a sense of myself as a still-kinky, still-sexy woman), I’d begged off. I probably shouldn’t have – at some point I needRead more …

Time for the Boys: Masturbation Techniques

I never realized there were so many ways for guys to get off. I mean, it always seemed pretty straightforward to me: grip penis, stroke up and down, semen spurts out after a certain period of time. Okay, I fib a little – that did seem to be the preferred method, as far as I could tell, but I did realize that every man did it differently, just as every woman has her own special method. In fact, this little factoid tripped me up when it came to me being willing to try to get a guy off with my hands – something that has happened few enough times that I can probably count the instances. It seems so particular that I know I’m going to do it wrong, so other than a little (or a lot) of foreplay, I don’t usually try to do it. I have helped. I’mRead more …

Me, V and the Sleeve

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Introducing V – sort of. Masturbation toys aren’t only for women. We played with one of V’s the other day, a gel-like sleeve with “pearls” inside for additional stimulation. It wasn’t a wholly successful masturbation session with the toy, as it proved to be too tight to provide him with the right kind of stimulation, but damn his cock looks beautiful in it!     Sinful Sunday is all about the image! Click the lips below and find a whole lot more sinfulness going on…      

How do YOU masturbate?

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20160503_174612 (1)

One of the most empowering things about masturbation is that through self-pleasuring, we learn about our bodies. We learn what feels good and what doesn’t, what makes us tick; how our bodies work and how we can give ourselves pleasure. When we learn to give ourselves orgasms, we are then able to teach our lovers how to do so, and invite them to share this intimate space with us, where everyone reaches sexual fulfillment, in whatever form that takes. Knowing our own bodies intimately gives us agency over and responsibility for our own pleasure. When we encounter a selfish lover, someone who doesn’t care if we are satisfied sexually, or who ignores our attempts to teach them how to help us achieve orgasm, we know that ultimately we own our own orgasms – we don’t have to rely on them “give them” to us. It can be an empowering feeling. It’s givenRead more …

#MasturbationMonday – Train

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This is my first time submitting to Kayla Lords’ meme Masturbation Monday. I may be too late to post the link to her page today, but even if I can’t, do take go over and take a look at all the masturbatory smutty goodness she has going on over there. It is National Masturbation Month, after all. Since Viper and I spend the majority of our nights apart, we do a lot of prompted masturbation. Since he is my Dominant, a lot of times those prompts are him simply telling me what to do and how to do it, which is hot in its own right. There are also times he requires me to do some reading and then get off to it (or not, depending on his mood), recently we began playing a new remotely-played game that involves a lot of edging and masturbation, and other times we tellRead more …

May is #MasturbationMonth

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May 1

For as long as humans have known they could derive pleasure from touching their genitals, you can bet they’ve been doing it. Masturbation is a natural consequence of feeling sexual pleasure…the first time it happened it might have been an accident, but once felt, it’s hard to not want to experience it again. Unfortunately, as soon as we discover this wonderful new world, we are often shamed into desisting, told it’s bad, wrong, dirty, sinful. Masturbation is as healthy and natural an activity as any other, but it has long been maligned, blamed for all manner of ills from blindness to insanity, and many religions link it to sin and condemn the act. I actually found this lovely tidbit this evening as I tooled around the interwebs, looking for images of sex toys: But sex toys have been around as long as man has had the ability to carve a pieceRead more …

Take Two

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I have been working on a long, depressing blog post for more than a month. This month marks a year since The Thing That Happened Last February. February 28th marks the last time I saw him alive, though he lived – hidden by his family from me – for another 23 days. It’s been a rough two months. I’ve written words about it these two months. Many of them, in fact. I’ve written words and cried tears and written more words. I’ve tried to write about other things, but those are the only words I’ve managed to write. And while I’ve done that, while I’ve struggled to make sense of a world that felt like it stopped in February of last year, the world has proved me wrong, and gone on. February is just another month, as is March. Warren was just another person who died. Lots of people diedRead more …

Loneliness & Other Failures

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Loneliness is a hard nut to crack. It’s not as easy as “spend time with people” – I’ve spent a good part of my life lonely in the middle of a crowd. It’s not as easy as “spend time with your significant other” – I spent a good portion of my second marriage feeling lonely. Not even the old standby “you have to love yourself!” erases it – I don’t believe this is about loving myself or not. So what is it about? Why do I feel lonely sitting in a bar at a munch while everyone drinks and laughs and talks; or at a play party watching everyone around me engaging with each other joy and abandon? Why do I feel lonely at times as I lay next to a lover after play, physically satiated but filled with a longing I can’t place? Why did I feel lonely last nightRead more …

Fill my mouth

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If you’ve read me for any length of time, you’re probably well aware that I have something of a mouth fetish. (“Something” of a mouth fetish. Ha. Understatement much?) Fingers, tongues, cocks, gags, toys…being held, being slapped, made to gag, made to swallow, made to choke and gasp and spit…it’s all good. Better than good. It’s stupifyingly hot and is a consistent source of arousal, both in fantasy and in reality. Oddly enough, as many times as my mouth has been used and abused for pleasure, either mine or another’s, as many times as I’ve swallowed cum and spit and piss, as many times as I’ve had fingers, toys, alcohol, cocks, gags, clothes pins, rope and other things shoved in it, I’ve never never had it simply filled with semen. Until the other night. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Drinking my Owner’s cum came at the end ofRead more …

February 14 – Valentine Filth


I had planned for my (pre)Valentine’s Day date with V to be…filthy. Dirty in ways that I haven’t even begun to divulge here. Unfortunately, for various reasons – mostly to do with my (traitorous) body – none of those things happened. This Kink of the Week‘s topic is “filth.” I almost missed it, but am so glad I didn’t. Being a dirty girl is central to my kink, to many of V’s and my kink interactions. I’m his dirty kitty. He doesn’t know about his missed Valentine’s Day present. Well… He didn’t. Until now.