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Changes. They happen to all of us, whether we like it or not. What’s that saying? “The only constant is change”? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, as I try to navigate the swelling of the waves in the ocean of my life lately. “Don’t rock the boat too hard,” V said the other day. “You’ll tip it over.” There are days when I want to tip it over, when I want to dive down, down, down into the icy deep and just stay there where it’s safe and quiet, where the crashing waves don’t batter and toss me about. Sometimes, my life feels like that: turbulence punctuated by lulls before the next line of waves. This is my retreat, my refuge, when life feels overwhelming. When I feel like I can’t manage another bump, another nudge from life trying to prove it’s bigger than me and willRead more …


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Pants around my ankles, legs spread wide around the seat of the toilet, fingers on my clit, the words and images of the dirty, taboo fantasy he and I share dancing in my mind, driving me forward to the edge – Whereupon I teeter, biting back a gasp and a whimper, my fingers straining to keep up their tempo, to drive me over the edge…   Except no. That was not what I had been told to do. My instructions were to get there and STOP. I pull my fingers away as though burned. I don’t want to make yet ANOTHER punishment-worthy mistake. That’s right, this was a punishment. And he was making me do it at work! I’ve never been someone that enjoys edging (pushing myself to the edge of orgasm, but then denying it. Sometimes over and over.) Rather, I have found it frustrating in a not-good way.Read more …

That Girl

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Confession time: I’m “that” girl, the one that dropped all her friends the moment she got a new boyfriend. When I fell, I fell hard, and nothing mattered to me but that I wanted to spend all my time with the new love of my life, oftentimes to the (near) exclusion of everyone else in my life. As I am also one of those women that has seldom been without a lover, either male or female, it’s usually meant that my closest friends have almost always been my lovers, boyfriends, Dominants or husbands. I have friends, and did then as well, but they have always been secondary in my life – at times a far, far secondary. I’ve socialized, attending parties and get-togethers, I’ve gone to birthday parties and weddings and out to dinners and the like, but my world – and my identity – has always been deeply andRead more …

More Words & a Boobday!

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“Every time you go pee today, I want you to write one letter of the word “slut” on your skin. Somewhere it won’t be seen by others, but that you’ll know it’s there, and every time you see it you’ll know you’re doing it for me, because you’re mine.” ********************************************* Sometimes I start these blog posts with this wide story-arc in mind…I’m going to start here and talk about this, and it’s going to tie into Wicked Wednesday, or Sinful Sunday, or Masturbation Monday or the Kink of the Week, and then it’s going to go here and there and I’ll talk about this and that, and then I’ll finish with a flourish in this other post that I have in mind, coming full circle and tying everything together perfectly! Some days, like Monday, I miss the boat entirely. But then you get random titty pictures! Okay, okay, it’s notRead more …

Prescient Words

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So…apparently I am a dolt (once again!) and missed the deadline for the Kink of the Week prompt, which was “writing on Skin.” Grrrrr…!!!! Still, I’m linking it here because I wrote it, damn it!  (Kiss the lips at the end to check out other delicious writings and images on the same topic.) I’ve always had a kink for being written on. I can remember as a child playing “writing” on my BFF’s back: first she would trace a word on my back that I would have to guess, then I on hers. There was the guessing game aspect of it, but there was also a sensuality that I recognized – and responded to – even as a child. I can remember, distinctly, the gooseflesh that would rise on my arms and the nape of my neck as her fingers traced fine lines and images on my skin. Thinking about itRead more …

Where ya been, Jade?

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Whew! Been trying to write this damn update for I don’t know how long. Have been stymied by…life? Indecision? Fear that ya’ll be bored with the little trivialities of my life? I dunno. Srsly! Why can’t I write here??? That drivel up there ▲▲▲ is all that seems to come out of me. But I’m here! Doing things! Thinking about things! Living this full and interesting life, sometimes (I think) made even more interesting by how very different it is than what came before. I mean, in some ways it’s not as kinky, true. I don’t get to play as often as in my old life (which could be because of health issues – explanation coming) and tho we do have kinky-ish sex fairly often…there just seems to be a lot more “relationship-ing” than straight-up kink than in my previous life. It has more moving parts and more complexity involving figuringRead more …

Which is the toy?

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Once a month Molly posts a prompt to inspire our Sunday sinfulness (heads-up – next month I’m writing it!) This month’s prompt is “toys.” I have a lot of toys. Sex toys, BDSM toys, toys attached to my body…  It was hard to decide what to feature! So…you decide! Which is the toy here: girl, piercings, plug – or all three? Sinful Sunday is all about the image. Click the link below to be taken to all the other Sunday Sinners or to join in the fun.

In the Audience, a Scavenger Hunt Opportunity

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As many of you know, I took over the Scavenger Hunt meme from Curvaceous Dee when she shut down her sex blog a few months ago. (If you aren’t familiar with it, check out the linked information page – and join in the fun!) I’ve been slow to get it running again, but I’m getting back into the swing of things – and decided it’s time to swing my own bat as well and post one myself! 🙂 Viper and I had an unexpected date night the other night. We had been scheduled to go to our local kink group’s monthly party with his wife E, who was meeting her Dom there, but what with my back surgery and the struggles I’ve had to regain my physical strength (and a sense of myself as a still-kinky, still-sexy woman), I’d begged off. I probably shouldn’t have – at some point I needRead more …

Time for the Boys: Masturbation Techniques

I never realized there were so many ways for guys to get off. I mean, it always seemed pretty straightforward to me: grip penis, stroke up and down, semen spurts out after a certain period of time. Okay, I fib a little – that did seem to be the preferred method, as far as I could tell, but I did realize that every man did it differently, just as every woman has her own special method. In fact, this little factoid tripped me up when it came to me being willing to try to get a guy off with my hands – something that has happened few enough times that I can probably count the instances. It seems so particular that I know I’m going to do it wrong, so other than a little (or a lot) of foreplay, I don’t usually try to do it. I have helped. I’mRead more …

Me, V and the Sleeve

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Introducing V – sort of. Masturbation toys aren’t only for women. We played with one of V’s the other day, a gel-like sleeve with “pearls” inside for additional stimulation. It wasn’t a wholly successful masturbation session with the toy, as it proved to be too tight to provide him with the right kind of stimulation, but damn his cock looks beautiful in it!     Sinful Sunday is all about the image! Click the lips below and find a whole lot more sinfulness going on…