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Day 1 – A Task

Feb 18, 2017 | Posted by in 2017 February PhotoFest, Writing About Kink | 3

This edition of the 2017 February Photofest is brought to you by Viper – he gave me a task. The task didn’t involve me posting the picture(s), but I thought what the heck…it’ll be a surprise. My task was to choose one portable, discreet sex toy to take with me on a trip I am making this weekend, and then to use it at least once each day, sending him photographic evidence.  This is Day 1. Happy Tentacle Sex Toy Day! (I just made that up.)

And how did YOU spend Valentine’s?

Feb 15, 2017 | Posted by in 2017 February PhotoFest, Being Poly | 0

Valentine’s Day hasn’t been too big a holiday in my life; most of my various partners have eschewed the force-fed “romance” of it…though honestly I have a tiny bit of the romantic in me and I wouldn’t throw out cards and flowers, or the man or woman that brought them. ;-)  Usually, I do end up going out to dinner before or after the day, as Adam and I did on Sunday; and as V and I will tomorrow. This is how I spent the “real” holiday: Books, pencils, notebooks, homework and computers. And socks, of course.


Feb 13, 2017 | Posted by in 2017 February PhotoFest | 3

This was me, recently, getting ready for a play party. Kinda sexy, right? Oh, except wait… That boot! (But still, striped socks.) This week, I got taken off the boot. Look ma, two feet! I’ll be back to hiking, running and biking soon…