Frisky in the Locker Room

Ever since I saw Molly’s locker room Scavenger Hunt, I have been waiting for an opportunity to get my own. First I had to wait until I actually started using my YMCA membership – I had it for a few months before I ever used it – but then once I started going a lot more often the challenge became finding a time when there was enough privacy to take a snap. It turns out that the Y is a popular place, at least on the days/times that I usually go. And although it’s common to be naked there, snapping pics of oneself while in this state of dishabille would (I imagine) be frowned upon. Still, I persevered, and eventually found a time when there was no one around, at least in the immediate vicinity. I really wanted to capture one in the banks of mirrors that sit face-to-face around the corner from the locker area, but couldn’t get an angle that showed the lockers themselves. And of course the “essence” of a locker room is the lockers.

These lockers in particular tug at my memories: we had almost the same color lockers in the locker room at my high school.

P.E. in junior high and high school was a nightmare for me. I had so many strikes against me: I was a perpetual “new kid” in a junior/senior high school that had only 365 students in 7th-12th grade, where everyone knew everyone else and cliques were exclusive, fierce and shunning. I was socially awkward, terribly self-conscious and shy, and inept when it came to sports. To top it off, I was scrawny, matured late and had tiny breasts.

Yeah, I got made fun of a lot.

But now…I’m not afraid to go into the locker room. I’m not afraid to undress, even when I have bruises, even with my piercings, even with my small breasts, lumpy mom-hips, and scars from surgeries. I may not have the best body, I may not run the fastest or longest or be the biggest, baddest of anything athletic – in fact I am still as awkward and un-athletic as I ever was – but I’ve learned to love my body, and to have gratitude for all it does. Even after all it’s been through, it keeps on keeping on.

I am strong and fierce and proud of it!



  1. Elliott

    I love this sexy shot. Jade, all those things you mentioned, scars, lumpy mom hips, small breasts, piercings, bruises and whatever else you have are what makes for a great body… your body. (that + black lacy panties under Levis has me hard as hell)

  2. fondles

    Such a powerful affirming post! and you have an awesome body. I’m working at it and will think of you as inspiration – loving myself along the way (before I get there) will help much!


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