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Before During After

Dec 10, 2017 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, Sinful Sunday | 8

I went to a Christmas party last night. A swinger/nudist/kinky Christmas party. I had been on the fence all week about going, but decided – literally at the last minute – to go, while shopping at the local sex toy store with my roommate for a suitable “Rob Your Neighbor” gift. I had the best time! It’s been awhile sinceĀ I’ve gone any place solo, and though everyone knows I am owned and the lover of two men, there was a certain, “kitty is free!” to me last night, and…well, let’s just say it was fun to be flirted with and asked to play by several men there, and one woman. I only played with one, a very good friend, someone I trust and who gives the best OTK – tho he isn’t bad with whips and other implements either. ;-) These are before, during and after pics. Happy holidays!  Read more …

Unsolicited SONA Cruise Review

Dec 7, 2017 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff | 0

I don’t do sponsored product reviews – though perhaps I should since I enjoy toys so much – but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to review the product fairly if it was given to me. So, instead, every so often I just buy a new toy and then, for fun, review it anyway. That’s what I’m doing with the SONA Cruise by Lelo. I ordered the SONA Cruise after reading first Kayla’s review of it, and then several others. I love Baldy, my Hitachi Magic Wand (enough to name it, obviously), but there are times when I’d like a different toy. Unfortunately it’s not easy, when one has found Nirvana with a Hitachi, to achieve that bliss with another vibration toy. At least for me. I have found a few others that I can orgasm with (especially when used by/with a partner) but they are few and farRead more …

Of Subdrop & Self-Care

Dec 5, 2017 | Posted by in Being Poly, Kinky Stuff, Life Before, Relationship Stuff | 2

Whoa…it’s been awhile since I’ve had a bona fide case of subdrop. Long enough that I can’t really remember when it last was. I didn’t even drop after the event a few weekends ago, when I spent two full days and nights with both guys, got cut on, and beat up, and made to fuck a dragon cock in public while Viper shoved a glass dildo up my ass. Oh, and I happened to be wrapped up tight in neon pink vet-wrap so that I looked like an amputee. With a ballgag in my mouth and vet-wrap over my eyes too, up on a table where a dungeon full of kinksters could watch as I was made to fuck myself silly, grinding helplessly against Baldy, the dragon cock in my pussy and V pushing the glass wand in and out of my ass. It’s that part that is most embarrassing,Read more …