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Teasing and Torment

Mar 30, 2018 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, Relationship Stuff | 2

I need to date and timestamp my posts. I started this…what, six, seven days ago? It feels like an eternity ago, because all that time I’ve been on punishment, the saga of which I detail below. **************** I’m sitting here in bed, my tablet on my lap. Twenty minutes ago, I was doing exercises with a buttplug in my ass. Ten minutes ago I was laying on the floor, in the little space between my bed and my easy chair, still with buttplug in my ass, buzzing my Baldy against my clit and fantasizing about tying V to a cross and teasing him to a drippy, frustrated mess. Of course this was all at his behest – it’s continued punishment for that orgasm I stole. “Don’t you remember last time you stole an orgasm?” he said, when I complained about the situation. “Obviously not,” he says, sighing. “Looks like youRead more …

A Weekend

Mar 25, 2018 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, Sinful Sunday | 6

In the interests of my new experiment, I’m just going to write a bit. What comes out could be fun; could be a big pile of doo-doo. Feel free to scroll on past… I just got a new phone. Had to conduct an emergency rip-out-the-battery operation when my old one decided to lock up and overheat, and, well, the recovery was a rough one. In fact it never really recovered. So today, Adam and I spent a goodly chunk of our day obtaining new phones. Why oh why is it such an ordeal to get a new phone? Okay, part of it was because I was torn between staying in my accustomed universe (ie Android) or drinking the kool-aid and become, as Ad says, a “pod person”. Yup, converting to Apple. I have resisted for…well…EVER, but finally, the lure of allowing V to follow my every movement proved too seductive.Read more …

Flying – a Scene

Mar 22, 2018 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff | 0

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt was “Sad”.  Ah, hell, I thought, I’ll give you some sad. There’s the lingering, self-possessed sad of the loss of W. This month – tomorrow, in fact – is the Big Sad™, and there’s just no escaping it. It’s wound down though, to something that is almost…soft…padded…just below the surface; only occasionally startling me by rising up and sinking its fangs into me when I least expect it. It’s a sad I live with now; have accepted as a price of being me; have made peace with, at last. There’s the sad of recognizing – and accepting – changes in myself, as I age, as my body changes, as I face my own mortality, and that of my loved ones. There’s the sad of lost opportunities and missed chances, and of poorly made choices. There’s the sad of a broken heart, of a broken relationship; ofRead more …


Mar 19, 2018 | Posted by in Masturbation Monday, Relationship Stuff | 4

It’s early afternoon and already I’m ready… Ready to walk out of here for the night. Ready to sip my wine cool my heels pretend I’m not just killing time until the moment I see you Ready to see your smile as you walk up to my car open the door pull me into your arms. Ready to feel your hand in my hair your lips on mine. Ready to taste your tongue in my mouth to feel the hard length of your cock inside your jeans pressed against my hip. I’m ready to follow you downstairs undress while you watch to fall to my knees before you to feel your hand on my back – a benediction. Ready to feel the whip on my flesh your hands rough on my skin your voice in my ear your body against mine. Ready to writhe beneath the kiss of the whip andRead more …

Sinful Triptych

Mar 18, 2018 | Posted by in Sinful Sunday | 14

  I can’t decide which I like best, so I figured I make a triptych out of them. :-) Check out the other Sunday Sinners below!

The struggle is real – but it’s not insurmountable

Mar 13, 2018 | Posted by in Everyday Jade, Who Is Pieces of Jade? | 1

I’ve been struggling a bit lately; had a bad week where all I did was sleep (and still wanted more); where I couldn’t manage too much peopling (still limiting that as it really drains the few emotional resources I have); didn’t have an interest in anything: not exercise, not sex, not BDSM play, not writing, not work, not school, not meal planning or cooking, not crochet. Even committing myself to mindless binge-watching was too arduous – I couldn’t manage the thinking that my usual binge-worthy shows required. But little by little, I’m clawing my way out of it. Not all at once, and not with giant leaps, but with careful, considered, baby steps. And I want to congratulate myself for these steps, however small. Because they aren’t always easy to take when all I want is my pillow-and-blanket fort. Sometimes I need a little pat on the back, a littleRead more …

Drive Me to the Edge

Mar 12, 2018 | Posted by in Kink of the Week, Kinky Stuff, Masturbation Monday | 4

Edging. He uses forced edging for a multitude of purposes: as a training tool, as punishment, as a way to heighten anticipation. When the tables are turned I’ve used making him edge all day as a form of torture, and to see how far he’ll let me push him. Edging in itself is not a very pleasurable activity for me; it is mostly frustrating, sometimes annoying, sometimes a misery. Maybe I like it best when it’s a misery, when I truly want to come and he is denying me – but not by simply saying no, that’s not enough, no. Because then I could just stop thinking about it, turn away from wanting sex, and be done with it. No, it’s best when I hate it, when he makes me drive myself to the edge, forcing me to go there and wait for his permission, never knowing if he will grantRead more …

The Ides of March. Also, Sex, Love & Submission.

March is always hard (if always means “since W died”). This one is no exception. Not harder than the others, and perhaps, on the “W died in March and that makes March a goddamned sucky month” front, it’s probably getting…something like easier. But this particular March has been fraught with other angst-inducing phenomena (health issues, relationship issues, family issues), and, to top it off, the weather is gray and drab and weeps misery, so, in some ways, it has been worse. Can’t I deal with only one sucky thing at a time?? I’ve spent pretty much every day dragging my sorry ass out of bed, clocking time at work like a zombie, then crawling back into my blanket-and-pillow fort to sleep 11 or 12 hours a night, before making myself do it again. But okay…after seven days of this bullshit, I decided to get myself out of bed and DORead more …