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Strategy 101

Jul 4, 2018 | Posted by in Being Poly, Everyday Jade, Who Is Pieces of Jade? | 0

I’m not good at strategy games. Chess is so far beyond my ken as to be a game played in a foreign language. I just can’t think that far in the future, can’t begin to anticipate my own moves, much less anyone else’s. And I have absolutely no desire to manipulate people or situations. In case it isn’t abundantly clear, I’m talking about how I manage myself in relationships as well. I’m not good at games where each side is premeditating and calculating every move. When I try to anticipate, to do something that will effect a specific result, I invariably fall short. Yes, I can see a little ahead. I’m not blind to consequences and how what I do now affects what happens later. But I’m not good at strategizing. At planning my moves to achieve a certain outcome. And I don’t necessarily want to be. I mean, IRead more …

Round Two

Jul 2, 2018 | Posted by in Masturbation Monday | 3

We laid in bed, the sheets and our limbs in a tangle, the cold rectangles of light from the uncovered windows by turns illuminating and throwing shadows across our bodies. A sheen of perspiration coated our skin, testament to earlier exertions in that very bed. Earlier we had played in the new basement. It wasn’t the first time we’d played there, but it was the first time we’d orchestrated a “scene” rather than have it happen randomly, organically. I’d gotten some whacks, felt the blunt trauma of steel sex toys shoved inside me, ass and cunt, felt the brutal impact of the Viper against my flesh. And then… Fucking. Honestly, I don’t exactly remember the first fucking. The last time we’d fucked he had denied me release, over and over again, while I begged and pleaded, all the while knowing he wouldn’t give in. This time? I’d have to askRead more …