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KOTW – Collars, Revisited

The Kink of the Week is Collars. It’s a topic that has been covered before in the KOTW, but as Molly noted in the introduction, that was back in 2013; there are new writers out there; and there are also plenty of us that will revisit the topic again with new perspective. I discussed the topic myself for that 2013 KOTW, though it was on Kink & Poly, and of course my partner was W. You can read that post here, if you’d like. I just read it again myself, actually, and thought I would call out this part, in case a certain someone out there decides to read this but not that (I’m looking at you, V. ;-) ) I’d forgotten how incredibly visceral being collared for play is, how tied into something primal inside of me it is, how just reading this plucks that need for subjugation in me,Read more …

While we were chatting…

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I’m home today, suffering and (hopefully) recovering from a migraine, but even in that acute state of “no light!” “no movement!” “ouch ouch ouch!” I couldn’t help ringing Viper for our morning drive-to-work chat. I did without his voice for an awful long time while I was on vacation; it felt foolish to squander the opportunity now, just because my head felt like it was being split in two. It turned out that sound was also a bad idea, so the conversation was abbreviated, but he did make me smile through the pain (and we weren’t even in a scene!) And then I smiled again when I happened to look down and saw my nipple peeking out of my tank top, as if it was asking for him to pinch it. So of course I took a picture and sent it to him. And then I realized it’s Friday, andRead more …

Another Island, in Pictures

Dec 9, 2018 | Posted by in Everyday Jade | 2

Grand Cayman There were six ships in port the day we spent in Grand Cayman, but it didn’t feel crowded or hectic to me as Cozumel did (we’d visit Cozumel the next day.) It’s a lovely little island, but, because of its position as a British territory, it is vastly different than Jamaica or the islands off Mexico. More like “home” – whether that’s a good or bad thing I don’t know. We had scheduled a horseback riding excursion with a woman that had lived on the island her entire life, raising and riding horses for most of it. As usual, click thru for commentary if you’re interested. And these last two images I had to post together. Adam and his horse were particularly well-suited. Both big-boned, sweet-natured, slow and steady, and always with an eye out for a snack or a nap.  

The End of a Sinfully Indulgent Week

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I’m working on a photo blog of the last couple days of the cruise, but as I was doing some photo editing I ran across this image, and I knew I had to post it for Sinful Sunday today. It’s a common enough angle for many of my selfies – I don’t have a lot that I feel the need to criticize here – but also, it epitomizes how I’ve felt all week: languorous, indolent, indulgent. Yes, it’LL be time to return to real life again soon…but not quite yet.    

Aaaand it’s already Friday.

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Days are so short when you have nothing that you have to do. I go to sleep each night thinking, “tomorrow I will post some pictures and words about our trip,” and every morning I’m already off and running before I take the time to sit and write. It’s not like I’m not relaxing – I’m doing a lot of that too. But our days are curiously filled with activities as well. Three islands in three days has kept us moving for sure. But we’ve been busy on the ship too, following around our favorite musical acts: a female vocalist/guitarist with a voice like an angel, a string trio from Bellarus playing classical music that is absolutely divine, and a jazz trio that we’ve stayed up later than we should just to listen to. “Later than we should.” Hah. What a couple of old people we are! But it’s beenRead more …

A Sea Day

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I don’t have a lot of pictures today…or maybe any…? No wait, there are a few. Fun ones, silly ones, not pretty scenery or anything, because we’ve spent the day at sea. Though to me, the sea, simple, unending, impossibly blue, stretching as far as the eye can see without a cloud or spit of land in sight, is as beautiful as any scenery anywhere. But no, I won’t bore ya’ll with a dozen images of blue Caribbean water. We started the day by spending an hour or so in the firness center. I would never have thought that I’d be someone that would spend a MINUTE of vacation in a gym, but…hell, it’s at the top of the ship, looking out over the sea… Also, in a week of 24/7 couplehood – as much as I enjoy time with Adam – I needed an hour or so in myRead more …

Oh my I have a lot of words.

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But not much time to write them. No seriously, I may be lolly-gagging here at sea aboard the Regal Princess, cruising the Caribbean, but it seems like I never have time for sitting here writing stuff. And before the cruise there are lots of fun things that I noted in quickie lil notes to myself here, but that never made it to the “post” stage, because…lots of reasons. Non-motivation. Illness. Busyness. Tiredness. Ennui. Crabbiness. Working/packing/unpacking/coughing/sleeping… And now I am here. It’s lovely. Days and days to just be taken care of. To have everything I need made possible. To have the sun and the sea here, every day, no ice and snow. And time with Adam to just be us. So I’m not actually going to say much. Just gonna post some pictures of Day 1 and Day 2. We’ll see about coming days, maybe that’s what I’ll do; maybeRead more …