February 7 – Why TBT is So Damned Hard

I can’t claim this as a Scavenger Hunt because, frankly, I didn’t see “Blackberry Bramble” as a location, nor could I think of anything more generic to claim it as. So, you know, it’s a gimme. It looks like a Scavenger Hunt, but really it’s just me flashing my titties for Adam and Warren’s amusement in a public place.

But if I am going to do these “Throwback Thursday” posts, I really have to include this one. Why? Because of the pure joy in these pictures. The happiness. I look at these pictures and I am transported back to that hot summer day…

And then, I am boomeranged back to now.

No wonder it’s so fucking hard to look at these.


  1. Jade Post author

    It’s hard, but, as Modesty says, also sweet. I feel like this is a good way to honor the happiness he brought to my life.


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