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#SmutMarathon – Round 4 Thoughts

May 12, 2019 | Posted by in 2019 Smut Marathon, On Writing | 2

So I’m a bit late on this. It’s actually been sitting in my Drafts for several days, but haven’t had the time, or sometimes the energy, to post it. Not in a bad way – tho my continued limited mobility as I wait for my feet to heal continues to bum me out – but just in the way of, whenever I have time to stop I don’t feel like using the brainpower it would take to finish this up and post it. So. Tonight is a “me” night, when I have no boys to think about, and did not schedule anything people-oriented – yay. This round seemed to feel a lot less stressful than the first three. The word count was higher, so there’s that, but not by so much that it feels like it should have made a huge difference – though I did get myself in aRead more …


May 6, 2019 | Posted by in Masturbation Monday | 4

Sometimes I think, if I could just write well enough, I could seduce you. Perhaps I should say seduce you again, because you were once seduced. By me. By us. By what you thought I was or what you thought we were. Now… What are we now? What have we become? I lay here in bed, in the bed I share with you, watching you across the room. You stand in the doorway of your closet, sliding shirts across the rail, trying to choose one to wear tonight. I love the sight of your back, of your shoulders, of the slightly-softer V of your body as it narrows (not as much as it used to) to your hips. I love that, specifically that, how your silhouette has softened with age, how age has softened all your edges. I imagine running my hand down your back, a finger trailing along theRead more …