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Forward by the scruff of my neck

I’m moving forward, if incrementally, into a more stable emotional space. I am hoping that feeling better will spur my motivation to write, as well – you know, like the sexy, naughty stuff – but we will see. At the moment, I’m not feeling any sexy, naughty stuff, much less doing any sexy naughty stuff, so it’s kind of a moot point, but, you know, it could happen. Or I could write fiction. As it stands, V and I are kind of in a holding pattern. We’re not off, but we’re not exactly on, either, as I struggle through the emotional morass I have found myself in. We’re holding still. We’re communicating (sometimes a lot) and mostly in healthy ways, and still seeing each other our two times/week. Last weekend we even saw each other in the middle of a weekend day (gasp.) But things aren’t entirely – or even remotely –Read more …

What if?

Mar 14, 2019 | Posted by in Being Poly, Boob Day, Everyday Jade | 0

When things were a bit better, recently, this happened. It was part of the night that this and this happened, and was a lot of fun. After getting roped up and my bra on, prior to dressing, I looked down at the pretty red rope, soft gray bra, and my pokie little nipples and decided they deserved a post of their own. So now you get to enjoy them too for Boobday! I guess I should clarify, actually, that things aren’t bad. In fact, in spite of my blog post earlier this week, they are very, very good in many ways. I mean, this happened just Monday: “This” being me getting walloped with Viper’s belt (mmph, just saying those words in my head makes my pussy twitch a bit) while I was still holding my crochet project. No time to put it down, just him pushing me over and deliveringRead more …

Thoughts on the Smut Marathon – Round 2

Well, here it is the end of Round 2 in the Smut Marathon and I am still in it! Go me! Ok I’ll be honest, I assumed I would be. But not because I’m cocky – BECAUSE I MUST HAVE MISUNDERSTOOD THE RULES. I thought, right up until I saw the email that said, “congrats, you’re still in!” that like Round 1, Round 2 was also a no-knockout round. I have no idea what gave me that idea – I swear (in spite of missing the “you can vote for yourself” rule and this one) that I read all the instructions all the way through, every time. No really, I do!! Anyway. It appears that in spite of it being a knock-out round, I wasn’t knocked out, which of course pleases me greatly. It also means that I now go on to the next round, which assignment is even trickier! So aRead more …

A Rough Couple of Days

Mar 11, 2019 | Posted by in 2019 Smut Marathon, Being Poly, Everyday Jade | 3

Or weeks, I guess. It started with a weekend alone that didn’t turn out the way I planned during which my blogs both crashed and I was faced with the possibility of them not being recoverable. In the face of that I was overwhelmed with feeling like I’m nobody’s priority. Things just went downhill from there. So here I am, ten days into March and I haven’t written a word since my last 2019 Photofest post on Feb. 28. I’m proud I finished it out, and I was proud of my entry and ranking for Round 2 of the Smut Marathon, but the bottom line is I just haven’t had it in me to write much. Maybe, as As Hy said in her Boobday post Friday, I blew my writing wad with the Photofest. But I know there is more to it than just that. The debacle with my sites beingRead more …

February 26 – Mixed Media

Feb 26, 2019 | Posted by in 2019 February Photofest, Everyday Jade | 2

These images were inspired by a favorite of mine of Annie Savoy’s. I love mixing up patterns! Also, I was feeling pretty darn good about myself for getting in my elliptical at lunch today, rather than napping. Maybe this getting-to-bed-earlier thing has some merit after all.  

It’s 11:45 p.m. Do you know where your sleep is?

Feb 20, 2019 | Posted by in Everyday Jade, Relationship Stuff | 2

I can’t find mine. I’ve fallen into the habit of not being able to settle down to write until after 10 or 11 at night, and not finishing up and being able to try to sleep till after midnight or 1 a.m. And then, sometimes, not even then. It’s wreaking havoc with my daylight hours; I am drowsy and nod off at my desk, I nap at lunch, I am bleary and unfocused. I yawn all day. I want to train myself out of it – make myself go to bed earlier, forsake my laptop, do all the things they say you’re supposed to do for good mental and physical health – but then I won’t get any writing done, and now that I’ve started again it’s like a flood of words in my head and I Have To Get Them Out. Or what, I don’t know. Part of thisRead more …

February 14 – Cold Day by the Lake

Feb 14, 2019 | Posted by in 2019 February Photofest, Everyday Jade | 5

I have discovered Pixl! This was at the end of our adventure day. I was bundled up next to him in the car, drowsy, satisfied with our day’s ramble. Happy to be sharing this time with him, sharing a mutual interest. A lake by the highway attracted our attention. “I want to take pictures of you by the lake,” he said. We had to double-back to get to it. And there were more cars there than either of us had expected. It was cold. But I couldn’t resist his grin. It was such a beautiful day. Clear, bright, the sunlight like shards of glass, reflecting, prismatic. The sound of geese in the air. The breeze so very cold on exposed skin, on the rings below. It was a good ending to the day.  

February 10 – Can YOU Spot the Cock Rings?

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A “Where’s Waldo” for the kinky folk. My cookbook/bakers rack. Standing there all innocent in the corner. With, you know, cookbooks and knick-knacks on it. This is exactly how it would have looked if the roommate’s parents and grandma had come over for dinner this past weekend, because neither of us registered what we’d left hanging there after our Christmas party. It took my daughter to point them out. She came over after we tried a new yoga class (trapeze yoga – super contra-indicated for the hip pain I’ve been having. Didn’t realize that till today, when my hip pain has increased tenfold. Gah.) Anyway. We spent the day messing with tarot cards, crocheting, watching Grey’s Anatomy (her second time, my first, with her explaining who everyone was and what all their quirks were), and talking about baking. Her: baking edibles (apparently she and her brother are going into aRead more …