Life Before

Blurred Lines

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Who am I without him? No, I am not asking in the way that I did in those first dark days when the question was actually, “how do I live my life without him in it”…I’m asking it as an honest exploration of self, of what it means to be me…me without him to reflect off of, me with only myself to answer to, me as a woman, as a submissive, as a kinky person, as an “s” without a “D”. As a single submissive. How much of what I desired, of what I wanted in BDSM and in sex, was really wanted I wanted, as opposed to what he wanted? I wanted what he wanted. I wanted to be what he wanted me to be. I was a reflection of his desire, of his need, of his Dominance. I was the creature he had created. That is what itRead more …

Lessons Everywhere

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This morning a friend on FB sent me an an article, The Grief of Pain. Beautiful, tragic, poignant. Definitely worth the read. In it the author, a teacher, discusses the movie “Up” and its theme of coming to terms with grief with his students, even as he himself learns to deal with tragedy in his own life. This: “…overcoming grief is not about forgetting the past ever happened, thereby erasing what had come before. Instead, the process of grieving is meant to teach us how to fashion a new life in altered circumstances — one that is not less meaningful, just different. The life after grief is not a shadow of what might have been, nor is it second best. The life after grief runs parallel to the life abandoned, and it is as full of beauty and tragedy as any other of the many lives we might have lived.” Wow, lessonsRead more …


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I’ve written about silence a time or twelve in my blog before, but always in the context of the BDSM play…being gagged, being told to be silent. It was hot, it was exciting, it could be humiliating, it could be a huge turn-on. I loved it, because I love to talk, and having my voice taken from me is powerful. Since W’s death, silence has a new meaning for me. I used to work in silence, all day. When I worked from my home office, I never turned on the TV, didn’t play music and even kept the sound off on my laptop. There was no one home for 8 hours a day but me and the dog, and I didn’t visit with neighbors. Same thing when I was working at my old office. Coworkers referred to my office as my cave because I’d disappear into it and not comeRead more …

Holding a space for grief and peace at the same time

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I’ve been invited to M & V’s house they just bought at the Lake of the Ozarks for the weekend, and I am sitting in my room here, looking out at my deck into the trees beyond, filled with gratitude for being allowed to experience this. It is so peaceful here. A balm to my raw, ragged emotions of the past few weeks. Tall, green trees surround the house, standing like sentinels, guarding this space, holding it still and safe. My bedroom looks out into their midst, my deck like a treehouse in the green. The water, just beyond, is like glass, the rising sun glimmering on its surface. There is an owl somewhere just beyond my bedroom, his voice mournful and inquisitive. Last night we went over to friends of theirs, on the other side of the lake. The busy side. It was fun, and I can see whatRead more …

This is me without W

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I don’t have the energy to detail everything that has changed so abruptly in my life…it’s too much and still too painful to treat like a piece of prose, like a blog entry. Some of you know the details, those that don’t and continue to read here will probably read about it all in bits and pieces in the coming months. Suffice it to say, by way of explanation for my absence from Fetlife, from kink, from blogging, from social media (if explanation is needed) that my beloved W, WoodDemon, passed away unexpectedly in March after a sudden, catastrophic illness. As sometimes happens with families after the sudden demise of a family member who was involved in “alternative” relationships, his family, who I had been close to before, excommunicated and demonized my other partner HandsOn (Adam) and I. They refused to let us see him as he lay dying inRead more …

This is my medicated life

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Well, not really. This is the addendum to K&P. What came “after.” I don’t have the heart to post it there, to see all that was, every time I come here, so I have created this space. I don’t know what the future of this space is. Will I one day want to post kinky stuff, sexy stuff? Will I ever be sexy or kinky again? Adam and I had sex tonight. The second time since all this started more than two months ago. I came, and I cried. I don’t know how to make a new start. Tomorrow is W’s memorial. This is not the “official” one, with his family, that will happen sometime later on Cape Cod, where he will be buried. I am not invited to that one. This is for “us” – me, Ad, my daughter and son, all his kinky friends. The people and lifeRead more …

Being in the NOW

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I don’t know how to stop thinking “what if.” What if we’d caught it sooner. What if I hadn’t gone to the dog house. What if I’d gone to the Urgent Care with him. What if I hadn’t been so busy, so distracted. And now I am caught in this maelstrom of regret and wishes-in-hindsight and “what-ifs”, when I am supposed to be in the NOW. Accepting that this is what is. This is our life now. But I just don’t know how to do that.

Before & After

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There will always be a “before” and an “after” now. Before: our whole new lives were ahead of us. The house. Sunrises in the guest room. Projects. Painting. Talking, laughing, sharing. Learning about living together. Building a life together. Now there is only “After.” After the illness. After the stroke. Unknowns. Fear. Pain. Sadness. Hope? I don’t know. Well, yes, I do…there IS hope. I just don’t know what to hope for. I am afraid to hope for too much. I am afraid to hope for anything but that he doesn’t bleed in his brain due to the blood thinners. I fear that I if I hope for anything beyond that, it will be too much, and I will jinx it. Jinx his recovery. That I will go into his room today and find a setback, or worse. Another stroke. I live in fear of that every day. Every moment.Read more …