Boob Day

A Strong BoobDay

Jul 13, 2018 | Posted by in Boob Day, Everyday Jade | 6

So this is probably not your “normal” Boob Day image. But, hell, I’m not normal, am I. (Who is? What is? Who gets to decide these things?) But I am sharing it for Hy’s Friday is Boob Day meme because…well…I love my breasts here! I love their soft curves, their little round, pillow-y hillocks, even while every other part of me is straining. I love my nipples, tight little points that echo the strain of the rest of me. And I love the strength in this image – my strength, while still being…beautiful. Touchable. Thank you, Hyacinth, for celebrating boobs in all their shapes and forms!  

June 29 – Boobday!

Jun 29, 2018 | Posted by in Boob Day, Every Damn Day in June | 9

Hyacinth over on A Dissolute Life Means hosts, besides the Every Damn Day challenge, a weekly post celebrating all things boobs, Friday is Boobday. I don’t share too often, but I can’t resist this week. I have cleavage! (I think every time I share on Boobday I say the same thing, lol.) The point is to celebrate our female form, not criticize or feel embarrassed about size, shape, color, if they sag or if they jut out, if they are soft or firm or lopsided, etc! So, here’s mine, looking all curvy and tan (which they aren’t supposed to be, but it’s hard to do anything outside without my chest coloring.) And I know, I know, pretty demure, for me!

More Words & a Boobday!

Jun 9, 2016 | Posted by in Boob Day, Kink of the Week, Relationship Stuff | 0

“Every time you go pee today, I want you to write one letter of the word “slut” on your skin. Somewhere it won’t be seen by others, but that you’ll know it’s there, and every time you see it you’ll know you’re doing it for me, because you’re mine.” ********************************************* Sometimes I start these blog posts with this wide story-arc in mind…I’m going to start here and talk about this, and it’s going to tie into Wicked Wednesday, or Sinful Sunday, or Masturbation Monday or the Kink of the Week, and then it’s going to go here and there and I’ll talk about this and that, and then I’ll finish with a flourish in this other post that I have in mind, coming full circle and tying everything together perfectly! Some days, like Monday, I miss the boat entirely. But then you get random titty pictures! Okay, okay, it’s notRead more …