February Photofest

February 13 – A Naughty Throwback Thursday

This is from a hike Adam and I took last winter, when all the hiking craziness to get ready for the Grand Canyon took hold. It was actually our first time at this new state park, a park that has become a staple in our hiking rounds. That day was cold and muddy, and there was no one on the trail, so, what the heck, I decided to get a flash in. A completely unnecessary one, as it didn’t fulfill any of the Scavenger Hunt locations! But what fun’s a hike if a girl can’t get a little naughty? See the rest of my 2020 February images here. See images from years past here. Check out the rest of the participating bloggers in this year’s February Photofest by kissing the lips below!

Some February Photofest Favorites

This Wednesday’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday is “valentine.” Valentine’s Day can be a tricky one for a lot of people. I myself have a love/hate relationship with it, and this year was planning to spend it (happily) alone, as Adam will be working (and doesn’t like to go out on Valentine’s Day anyway), I don’t get to spend holidays with V, and my Canadian Sir is far away in Spain, but my daughter surprised me by asking if I’d be her date to see a local jazz musician that night. How sweet is that? But even though I don’t have a Valentine’s Day post as such – I thought I’d give you all some love – some blogging love! February Photofest is in full swing, but I haven’t been able to comment on people’s blogs as much as I’d like. However, I have been saving links to images that haveRead more …

February 12 – Naughty Mermaid

Yep, I know I missed yesterday. It was planned-not-planned: I had a surgical procedure scheduled to deal with another one of my skin cancer spots, and knew I would probably not be feeling up to posting anything, but I forgot to schedule one ahead of time, as I had originally intended. I was curled up in bed trying to ignore the pain of having my face carved on when I remembered that I had forgotten it. Posting a sexy image wasn’t real high on my list of priorities at that moment. Today was spent at home crocheting and recuperating. I’m still not feeling the “naughty” part of my photo theme, what with a big sexy bandage on my forehead and a headache the size of Baltimore, but I can’t sleep yet, so here I am. And it gives me the opportunity to give ya’ll a PSA: WEAR SUNSCREEN. Don’t beRead more …

February 10 – Nice After the Naughty

Had a date with Viper before I left for Milwaukee. It – being together this way – had been since before Thanksgiving, when we broke up. It had been since before that, actually, since I’d been truly present for what we did. I was present that night. There was a bit of clean-up, after. And a bit of silliness and fun. Check out the sexy and creative bloggers participating this year in the February Photofest by kissing the lips below! See the rest of my 2020 February images here. See images from years past here.

February 6 – Not So Naughty

Getting ready for work, I snapped this picture just because I like these regular ole soft cotton panties. I wanted a “nice” picture. I ended up really liking it, not “in spite of” my extra curves, or that soft roll of flesh, or my rounded ass, but because of them. As we all do, my body is changing all the time, and as a former (maybe too) skinny person, sometimes it’s hard to accept and love myself as I am. Today it wasn’t so hard. Viva la curves!