February Photofest

February 18 – Sleeping Collar

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As mentioned in my wrap-up of weekend away, there were collars purchased. This is my sleeping collar. I wear it as I am getting ready for bedtime, when neither Adam or V are here. (Sometimes, when doing tasks set by Viper, I wear it too.) It helps me feel close to him, warm and secure and loved and Owned, even when I know his body and his attention is elsewhere.

#SOSS – The Mid-February, February Photofest Edition

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I haven’t done a lot of #SOSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) posts, to my own disappointment in myself. There’s no such thing as “too busy” to promote other writers’ hard work, excellent writing and beautiful photography – except when there just isn’t time. I really wanted to change that this month though. So this month, as I have been able, I have been saving images that have particularly struck me from the February Photofest posts. Ultimately, I’d like to mention at least one from every one of the almost-forty (40!) participants. In the interests in getting this posted this weekend though (I wanted to get it done Saturday, but couldn’t manage it) I’ll have to post only my first half. Forty is a lot of people putting out some gorgeous, titillating, tantalizing, sensual and sexy images every day. Really, you need to go see yourself if you haven’t already. Here areRead more …

February 17 – Smut Marathon – Round 1: Thoughts

Today feedback and votes for Round 1 of the Smut Marathon were posted. For those of you not familiar with this enormous, year-long undertaking, now in its second year, here’s a link to information and rules. After a lot of thought and a little bit of hemming and hawing, I decided to participate this year, for a number of reasons – but more on those in a minute. So I won’t do this for every round (I don’t think), but as a first time participant, and as someone who didn’t have the time/energy to either follow along or participate last time, I thought I’d record my first impressions. I was incredibly energized and – for lack of a better word – inspired by the voting and comments on the writing. In fact that’s probably a big part of why I’m writing this now: I’m excited about the process and wantRead more …

February 14 – Cold Day by the Lake

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I have discovered Pixl! This was at the end of our adventure day. I was bundled up next to him in the car, drowsy, satisfied with our day’s ramble. Happy to be sharing this time with him, sharing a mutual interest. A lake by the highway attracted our attention. “I want to take pictures of you by the lake,” he said. We had to double-back to get to it. And there were more cars there than either of us had expected. It was cold. But I couldn’t resist his grin. It was such a beautiful day. Clear, bright, the sunlight like shards of glass, reflecting, prismatic. The sound of geese in the air. The breeze so very cold on exposed skin, on the rings below. It was a good ending to the day.  

February 12 – Red Jammies or Lingerie?

The thing I love about modern notions of lingerie (especially in light of kink) is that it doesn’t have to conform to anybody else’s notion of what lingerie is, except for your own. At least I don’t think it does. I suppose, if someone decides that Dickie coveralls are lingerie then maybe that would be too wide a definition? Nah…by the dictionary, it qualifies too: lingerie [lahn-zhuh-rey, lan-zhuh-ree, -juh-; French lanzhuh-ree] noun underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel. Archaic . linen goods in general. adjective having the qualities of lingerie; lacy or frilly. So, yeah, those Dickies coveralls could work. I admit I usually think of the more common definition – that of lacy, frilly, underthings – when I want to feel sexy. But not always. The red shorty jammies and thigh-high sport socks I wore on Saturday night (to dinner!) were not exactly what one would call lacyRead more …

February 11 – Pain as Pleasure

I wanted to write about this topic for Prompt 5 of Brigit Delaney’s Erotic Journal Challenge, “Hurt,” but I’m me so of course I waited too long and the link-up is closed. I’ll link you to it anyway (click the icon below) so you can read what other people wrote. There’s some powerful, heart-wrenching, and incredibly brave writing out there. People really suck sometimes. But that’s not the only way to be hurt sexually. I’m talking about “good” hurt, obviously. And if you’ve read here for any length of time, you know that pain, for me and a lot of people, can be pleasurable, or can lead to pleasure. After play tonight that started with the above picture, V and I talked about our beginnings in BDSM. And I commented on having to ask my then-husband to hurt me. At the time, he was okay dabbling in rope, spanking meRead more …

February 10 – Can YOU Spot the Cock Rings?

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A “Where’s Waldo” for the kinky folk. My cookbook/bakers rack. Standing there all innocent in the corner. With, you know, cookbooks and knick-knacks on it. This is exactly how it would have looked if the roommate’s parents and grandma had come over for dinner this past weekend, because neither of us registered what we’d left hanging there after our Christmas party. It took my daughter to point them out. She came over after we tried a new yoga class (trapeze yoga – super contra-indicated for the hip pain I’ve been having. Didn’t realize that till today, when my hip pain has increased tenfold. Gah.) Anyway. We spent the day messing with tarot cards, crocheting, watching Grey’s Anatomy (her second time, my first, with her explaining who everyone was and what all their quirks were), and talking about baking. Her: baking edibles (apparently she and her brother are going into aRead more …