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More Words & a Boobday!

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“Every time you go pee today, I want you to write one letter of the word “slut” on your skin. Somewhere it won’t be seen by others, but that you’ll know it’s there, and every time you see it you’ll know you’re doing it for me, because you’re mine.” ********************************************* Sometimes I start these blog posts with this wide story-arc in mind…I’m going to start here and talk about this, and it’s going to tie into Wicked Wednesday, or Sinful Sunday, or Masturbation Monday or the Kink of the Week, and then it’s going to go here and there and I’ll talk about this and that, and then I’ll finish with a flourish in this other post that I have in mind, coming full circle and tying everything together perfectly! Some days, like Monday, I miss the boat entirely. But then you get random titty pictures! Okay, okay, it’s notRead more …

Prescient Words

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So…apparently I am a dolt (once again!) and missed the deadline for the Kink of the Week prompt, which was “writing on Skin.” Grrrrr…!!!! Still, I’m linking it here because I wrote it, damn it!  (Kiss the lips at the end to check out other delicious writings and images on the same topic.) I’ve always had a kink for being written on. I can remember as a child playing “writing” on my BFF’s back: first she would trace a word on my back that I would have to guess, then I on hers. There was the guessing game aspect of it, but there was also a sensuality that I recognized – and responded to – even as a child. I can remember, distinctly, the gooseflesh that would rise on my arms and the nape of my neck as her fingers traced fine lines and images on my skin. Thinking about itRead more …

Time for the Boys: Masturbation Techniques

I never realized there were so many ways for guys to get off. I mean, it always seemed pretty straightforward to me: grip penis, stroke up and down, semen spurts out after a certain period of time. Okay, I fib a little – that did seem to be the preferred method, as far as I could tell, but I did realize that every man did it differently, just as every woman has her own special method. In fact, this little factoid tripped me up when it came to me being willing to try to get a guy off with my hands – something that has happened few enough times that I can probably count the instances. It seems so particular that I know I’m going to do it wrong, so other than a little (or a lot) of foreplay, I don’t usually try to do it. I have helped. I’mRead more …

Me, V and the Sleeve

May 16, 2016 | Posted by in Kink of the Week, Masturbation Month, Sinful Sunday | 4

Introducing V – sort of. Masturbation toys aren’t only for women. We played with one of V’s the other day, a gel-like sleeve with “pearls” inside for additional stimulation. It wasn’t a wholly successful masturbation session with the toy, as it proved to be too tight to provide him with the right kind of stimulation, but damn his cock looks beautiful in it!     Sinful Sunday is all about the image! Click the lips below and find a whole lot more sinfulness going on…      

February 14 – Valentine Filth

I had planned for my (pre)Valentine’s Day date with V to be…filthy. Dirty in ways that I haven’t even begun to divulge here. Unfortunately, for various reasons – mostly to do with my (traitorous) body – none of those things happened. This Kink of the Week‘s topic is “filth.” I almost missed it, but am so glad I didn’t. Being a dirty girl is central to my kink, to many of V’s and my kink interactions. I’m his dirty kitty. He doesn’t know about his missed Valentine’s Day present. Well… He didn’t. Until now.