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February 8 – I Woke Up Like This. #braless

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I’ve been working out downstairs, in my employer’s workout room, since the weather has turned so cold – I don’t like getting in and out of the cold to go from work to car to gym to car to home. Today, while getting changed into my workout gear, I realized I had forgotten to put a bra on that day. Yeah, I’ve got small-boob privilege. Hey, there’s gotta be some advantage to it, right? Seriously, though, while looking through internet memes and images about going braless, I was amazed at how many articles there were in various magazines pointing out and discussing this-or-that celebrity’s braless state. Apparently it’s big news, when a person decides to wear only one (or two) items of clothing over their breasts. It’s not even skin they’re being all shocked over, it’s just the shape of nipples – the fact that women actually have nipples, IRead more …

February 7 – Why TBT is So Damned Hard

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I can’t claim this as a Scavenger Hunt because, frankly, I didn’t see “Blackberry Bramble” as a location, nor could I think of anything more generic to claim it as. So, you know, it’s a gimme. It looks like a Scavenger Hunt, but really it’s just me flashing my titties for Adam and Warren’s amusement in a public place. But if I am going to do these “Throwback Thursday” posts, I really have to include this one. Why? Because of the pure joy in these pictures. The happiness. I look at these pictures and I am transported back to that hot summer day… And then, I am boomeranged back to now. No wonder it’s so fucking hard to look at these.

February 4 – Self-Care

I had a totally different idea of the image I was going to post today – another one from my Saturday adventuring with Allan – but then I ended up here, alone, experiencing the after-effects of the event we’d just been at and the choices I make in living the way I do. Text messages, when I might prefer loving hands, skin on skin, a warm body and arms holding me. Adam, via text, moments ago: “I think we have gotten to bedtime. Love you!” And Viper, moments later: “Gonna go ahead and say goodnight…” And I am here, alone because I choose to be, but also alone because I can’t pick and choose when to be alone. Sometimes, when I don’t wanna be…here I am. But it’s not as bad as it has been before. Sub-drop is not quite as hard; I’ve learned to manage as an only. AsRead more …

February 3 – Drifted

“I used to be snow white, but I drifted.” ~May West We drove through the snow that day to finish our jaunt at the Effingham Cross. (I imagine I’ll get hate mail for blasphemy-ing it.) (I’m not that worried about it.) He’d always wanted to do a nude there, and me naked in the snow, I wanted to get the Giant Cross Scavenger Hunt location. I couldn’t manage to get all the way naked, (-20 degrees with the the wind chill!) but we got enough to satisfy us both, I think.  

February 1 – A Precursor? I wish….

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I wish this is what I looked like last night, but actually I was curled up in bed nursing a head cold. Leave it to me to be about to embark on a weekend of debauchery with V, and catch a virus two days before we go. I had last night with him and have the next two days and nights – and there I was sipping Nyquil on his couch instead of hot tea after a scene. So much for a sexy start to the weekend! Ah, but that is the beauty of photographs. I can relive previous scenes -and hope for more of the same in the near future! Be sure to visit everyone else joining in the madness that is February Photofest -posting a picture a day for 28 days straight!

Pondering February Photofest

If you’ve been around the sex blogging blogosphere for long, or around here for long, you’ve no doubt run across the meme that Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss hosts every February: February Photofest. It is no small undertaking, and it has grown exponentially since she first started it. I have participated every year since the beginning except 2015. In fact, the last photo I took for W was one for the meme while I was separated from him by work commitments – the night before his first stroke, the one that put him in the hospital and was the beginning of the end. February Photofest is so many things for so many people. It is a celebration, it is a learning experience, it is a chance to explore or to push boundaries. Sometimes, for me, it was a way to connect across the miles with W, as when I wasRead more …

Ask for It

Jan 30, 2019 | Posted by in Wicked Wednesday | 10

It’s 3 a.m. We’ve just climbed the stairs to bed after a night out, in which we’d had drinks and talked to people, but not played. I was too cold, and even when we got home, asked if we could just build a fire and cuddle on the couch until I got warmed up. I ended up falling asleep in his lap. “Get me a cane from the cane bag,” he says now. I had taken note that he had had me bring the cane bag up to the bedroom, something he seldom does. But it was 3 a.m. I looked askance at him. “The skinny white plastic one,” he said. I hunt through the cane bag, a little shiver going through me. I know the cane he’s talking about: thin, hard plastic. Short but severe. I bring it back to the bed where he is laying on his back,Read more …