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Day 20 – The Elephant & Me

Feb 20, 2018 | Posted by in February Photofest 2018 | 5

This is the first time I have used the blur function in Photoshop. We really should have paid attention to the background in these images, but I guess we were having too much fun and didn’t notice the bags, shoes and an ice chest that were in the background, cluttering the image up. With no background for context, though, I think the top image looks…surreal. Like I am riding a tiny, toy elephant, instead of a rather large statue. Blurring the background didn’t work at all in the image below, but I really like it, so I just cropped it close and called it a day. Neither is up to W’s standards for sure, but I think he’d give me a pass if he was here. Or take the mouse from me and do it right. lol    

Day 18 – Reward Number Four

Feb 18, 2018 | Posted by in February Photofest 2018, Kinky Stuff, Sinful Sunday | 4

But what about three, I can hear you say. There was Reward Number One, and Reward Number Two, and now Reward Number Four? What happened to three? And what ARE these “rewards”, anyway? Well let me explain. There’s this show called “The Expanse.” Have you seen it? Viper REALLY likes it. I was ambivalent about it, mostly because I have so little time to devote to TV watching, so when he kept saying, “Have you watched it yet?” I finally said, “Maybe you should make it worth my while,” and he said, “Getting wrapped up in a great show isn’t worth it?” and I said, “Well, no, especially if there’s the possibility of something better…” and the very next day he offered me a “reward” for each episode of episodes 1-4 that I watched. Ya’ll know he regulates my orgasms, dictating if I may, when, how and how many, andRead more …

Chemistry, or, How It Began

Feb 16, 2018 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, Wicked Wednesday | 3

We’re at a party, the first party I’ve been to since W’s passing, actually. It’s a small gathering in a friend’s home. The playspace is in the basement. I’m sitting on the arm of a sofa, he’s next to me. I’m talking with someone else about being caned. A “proper British caning,” is the way I describe it. “I don’t know about a ‘British’ caning, but I give a pretty good caning,” he says. He’s someone I’ve known tangentially in the scene, though his wife’s presence has always been more conspicuous, and, indeed had caught my eye before. I had only ever noticed him doing electrical play, having intense discussions about technology, and once, hitting on someone in a very obvious fashion (it appeared to have worked, because they ended up together for a couple of years.) But – I had noticed him. “Really,” I said, looking down at himRead more …

Day 15 – Boots and More Boots

I didn’t think “boots” were a thing for me, when I first saw that they were the topic of this week’s Kink of the Week. After all, for all W’s obsessions with heels, they didn’t seem to include boots – unless you were talking ballet boots, of course. But then I gathered all my boots together for an accounting, and I realized: I might be the one with a thing for boots. I counted 21 pairs, to be exact. Knee high boots and ankle boots, thigh highs and cowboy boots. Shit-kickers and paddock boots, hiking boots and hiking boots with 5 in heels. Pointy-toed boots, boots with flat heels, brown and black and pink boots. Suede, leather, PVC and I-don’t-know-what boots. Daytime boots, nighttime boots, booty-call boots and these-boots-are-made-for-walking boots. “Adam!” I said, when we were getting packed for the weekend. I need my boots.” (I’d left a pair orRead more …

Day 14 – Pink

Feb 14, 2018 | Posted by in February Photofest 2018, Kinky Stuff | 6

I know, I know, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I should be posting something Valentine-y, right? <sits and ponders> Nope, ain’t got one. What I do have is this image, because sharing is caring, right? This is from the weekend too.