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February 7 – Why TBT is So Damned Hard

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I can’t claim this as a Scavenger Hunt because, frankly, I didn’t see “Blackberry Bramble” as a location, nor could I think of anything more generic to claim it as. So, you know, it’s a gimme. It looks like a Scavenger Hunt, but really it’s just me flashing my titties for Adam and Warren’s amusement in a public place. But if I am going to do these “Throwback Thursday” posts, I really have to include this one. Why? Because of the pure joy in these pictures. The happiness. I look at these pictures and I am transported back to that hot summer day… And then, I am boomeranged back to now. No wonder it’s so fucking hard to look at these.

February 3 – Drifted

“I used to be snow white, but I drifted.” ~May West We drove through the snow that day to finish our jaunt at the Effingham Cross. (I imagine I’ll get hate mail for blasphemy-ing it.) (I’m not that worried about it.) He’d always wanted to do a nude there, and me naked in the snow, I wanted to get the Giant Cross Scavenger Hunt location. I couldn’t manage to get all the way naked, (-20 degrees with the the wind chill!) but we got enough to satisfy us both, I think.  

Panties in the Cold, or a Codiwomple with Allan

I’ve done a “panties” (or knickers for all you Brits) post for Sinful Sunday before, here in Kink & Poly. It was a number of years ago, and a completely different situation from any that I have been in since. It was a tease about a scene I had done in which W had offered my services as a paid submissive. I don’t know if I ever followed up on it and told the whole story. Regardless, the image was kind of sexy. I also did a “panties” Kink of the Week post way back when. It is a pretty good post, if I do say so myself, and also has a cute “drunk girl” pic in it, that I’d forgotten about. Check it out here (so I don’t have to repeat words.) tl;dr I’m a fan of panties. Not really a fan of going commando, unless ordered to –Read more …

Girls’ Weekend, cont.

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First, in honor of the weekend, a Scavenger Hunt that I did years ago in Chicago, after a 4-mile walk down the Lake Michigan shoreline with Ad and W. I had a couple of reminders about that trip while I was in Chicago this last time, so it seemed fitting that I would do a Throwback Thursday Scavenger Hunt featuring it. I tried to find the posts I wrote about the trip in Kink & Poly, so I could reference it for anyone was interested in reading about it, but that was a little too deep down memory lane, and I gave up. In any case, the memory of these pictures makes me happy. It was a trip where W and Ad and I had brought W’s granddaughter’s moose stuffie along with us and took pictures of it everywhere, so he could share his travels with her. And where, whenRead more …

#ScavengerHunt Throwback Thursday – A New Series

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Now that you all know about the genesis of the Scavenger Hunt, I feel like it’s time to start posting all the Scavenger Hunts that W and I (and oftentimes Ad) got, before W died, but that I’ve never posted. It’s been…hell…three years since he passed? Sometimes it feels like yesterday. And honestly, it’s still so hard sometimes, to look at them. To remember. But there are so many memories. There is so much joy. and I want to share that. I have to post them. I want to post them. Not so much for the notches on my Scavenger Hunt list (though okay, I will admit that I like that as well) but because… We did that. All those things. All the things his family would have denied. It was us, having fun, loving each other, thrilling to the challenge… Enjoying life. So. Here I am. I am goingRead more …


col·lab·o·ra·tion kəˌlabəˈrāSH(ə)n noun 1. the action of working with someone to produce or create something. An internet meme is a kind of collaboration. A blogger, a writer, an author, imagines a theme and creates a space where other writer/bloggers can post their own contributions to the theme: Sinful Sunday Wicked Wednesday Masturbation Monday Friday is Boobday February Photofest Kink of the Week Food for Thought Friday All collaborations. As is my own, the Scavenger Hunt. The Scavenger Hunt is a collaboration in more than just being a meme though (at least to me.) The Scavenger Hunt feels like…an heirloom, a legacy. It has been through several “facilitators”…other bloggers that have managed it and then, for one reason or another, had to let it go. I am only the last of these facilitators. I took over the Scavenger Hunt at a particularly sensitive time in my writing life: I had closedRead more …

Scavenger Hunting at the Lake

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More from my weekend with friends. It was a much-needed respite, away from the city, into the woods, beside the lake. It’s a busy recreational lake, with an eclectic mix of over-the-top show houses, with yachts and all the toys of the super-rich, next to little family cottages with fishing boats and kids in inner tubes. My friends have worked hard on their little piece of paradise, and I am so very fortunate that they open their home and their hearts to me. I am a city girl – I’d wither away without my city life – but I am also a country girl inside, the one that grew up in a tiny town in the mountains, swimming in mountain lakes, riding horses in the woods – and dreaming of life in the city without understanding how much I needed the woods and quiet and open water. I’m at peaceRead more …

Scavenging at the Beach

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I had told V that Adam and I would certainly be trying to score more Scavenger Hunts while we traveled; it’s a favorite way for us to explore new places. As a way to stay connected while we were apart, I invited him to come up with a list of a few that he would challenge me to find, making it even more of a true Scavenger Hunt. He sent me a list of 14 potential locations, and challenged me to do at least five, and further, to be sure that each was different fro the others, i.e. not all titty shots. That last part I thought might be challenging, but hey, I like a good challenge, right? So off we went… These were the ones he picked: Alley, Beach Hut, Bus Stop, Construction Site, Embankment/Sea Wall, Escalator, Farm Equipment, Fast Food Chain, Fishing Nets, Holiday Decorations (public), Railroad Crossing, LifeRead more …

Frisky in the Locker Room

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Ever since I saw Molly’s locker room Scavenger Hunt, I have been waiting for an opportunity to get my own. First I had to wait until I actually started using my YMCA membership – I had it for a few months before I ever used it – but then once I started going a lot more often the challenge became finding a time when there was enough privacy to take a snap. It turns out that the Y is a popular place, at least on the days/times that I usually go. And although it’s common to be naked there, snapping pics of oneself while in this state of dishabille would (I imagine) be frowned upon. Still, I persevered, and eventually found a time when there was no one around, at least in the immediate vicinity. I really wanted to capture one in the banks of mirrors that sit face-to-face aroundRead more …

More from New Orleans

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Hello again from Nawlins! Okay, okay, we’re actually home, but I have to post these pics from the rest of my New Orleans trip. We had such fun! It made the 12 hour days working at the end worth it. We rented a car for the first half of the trip, before my work conference started, after all, which I was very glad for, because it meant that we didn’t have to waste time trying to navigate the bus/trolley system. It also meant we could range further afield than we might have otherwise. The day after my Scavenger Hunt, we went back to City Park, 1,300 acres of Spanish moss-draped oaks and walking trails. I went for a run and Ad drank coffee and waited for my sweaty butt to get back to him at a little cafe there. Unfortunately they only serve beignets for breakfast, which I am not fond ofRead more …