Sinful Sunday

Frisky in the Locker Room

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Ever since I saw Molly’s locker room Scavenger Hunt, I have been waiting for an opportunity to get my own. First I had to wait until I actually started using my YMCA membership – I had it for a few months before I ever used it – but then once I started going a lot more often the challenge became finding a time when there was enough privacy to take a snap. It turns out that the Y is a popular place, at least on the days/times that I usually go. And although it’s common to be naked there, snapping pics of oneself while in this state of dishabille would (I imagine) be frowned upon. Still, I persevered, and eventually found a time when there was no one around, at least in the immediate vicinity. I really wanted to capture one in the banks of mirrors that sit face-to-face aroundRead more …

Dirty Innocence

I laughed a bit to myself when I decided to post this for Sinful Sunday. I mean, it’s just not all that sinful, right? And yet…I find the image oddly sexy and yet comforting at the same time. This is me, now – this is my dirty-girl-ness, so unlike it was back then, when I masturbated on a dirty, grimy floor while W pissed on me.  And yet, sitting on the deck overlooking my little city yard, cooling off after spending the morning on my hands and knees gardening, I am happy. Yes, happy and content with my life. There’s a little more to this story, I suppose. I sent this to my new guy, the Romantic, maybe I shall call him, who is at least nominally vanilla. I guess at some point I need to fill ya’ll in on what’s been going on on that front. But for now, sufficeRead more …

Sinful in Nola

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As part of the game V set up for me for while we are apart, he gave me a number of tasks/activities that I could complete – all completely voluntary – but when completed, would earn me points towards rewards when he returns. One of them was this: Get spanked by a person of your choice for a written and read out loud confession of some transgression real or imagined. The “deliverable” for this was a write-up of the experience, and/or a video, if possible, of at least the confession. The place we’re in gave me an opportunity to complete this task in spectacular fashion, as it actually has the door to a confessional booth as part of a wall. The grate through which one speaks opens to the shower room behind, another lovely touch. On this day, though, the door had Adam behind it, ready to hear my confession.Read more …

Spring Showers

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It’s been awhile since Adam and I have gone on a ramble, but with the advent of spring (it’s here, it’s here!) I’ve been thinking about the outdoors more, and about how I want to spend my time. Right now a lot of it is spent cooped up in front of the computer, doing homework; additional time just recently is spent in getting our city house ready for me and a friend to move into (and Adam part-time), but with the sunshine I know will come my wanderlust, and I’ll be off exploring again, as often as not with Adam in tow. He’s so very accommodating that way. So anyway, I haven’t been out and about much yet, but I got to thinking about some of our rambles last year, and ran across these pictures. What a fun day this was! It was one of those wonderful spring days thatRead more …

Minimalist Stripes?

The  Sinful Sunday prompt for this month is “minimalism,” defined here in Molly’s post. I don’t think this actually qualifies, although I was playing with the geometric shapes…the image just ended up being far too busy. But I liked it enough to keep it anyway, and unless I manage something else between now and then (unlikely) what you see is what you get for this Sunday’s image. Click the image below to see who all is joining in the Photo fun! Click the image below to see who all is joining in the Photo fun!


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Tights with a slit between the legs: always a dichotomy to me. There is something dark and mysterious about that slit, a secret that only you know about, until you move just so, part your legs, and are suddenly exposed, offered up for the taking: flaunting, vulgar, and yet hidden. And so enticing. I want to touch myself there, slide my fingers along those exposed lips and find the edge of the lace. I fantasize about being made to wear a pair to work and touching myself at my desk all day. About walking down the halls knowing I have that secret beneath my prim and proper skirt. I want to have a girlfriend that I can ask to wear them so I can put my mouth down there, suckle and lap at her, run my tongue along the edges of the tights, feel the material’s edges sharp against my tongueRead more …