Sinful Sunday

February 24 – Yoga Socks & Bedtime Routines

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More playing with filters. But I’m also working on new bedtime/waking routines. I’ve been having so much trouble sleeping (a large part of it is medication playing havoc with my system) but it’s also my own bad habits. I’m tired of a) being a zombie at work, and b) bitching about how I “want” to get up earlier, do morning and evening stretches, be good to myself. If I “want” to, then I have to actually do it. So here’s the first changes: Step 1: In bed by 10:30 work nights. Step 2: 15 minutes of gentle yoga before bed. Step 3: No electronics (by that I mean the phone, laptop or Kindle, not Baldy!) in bed after 10:30. I can have a real book to read until 11:00. Phone is on charger over on my desk. I haven’t yet worked out a morning routine, but at least having theRead more …

February 3 – Drifted

“I used to be snow white, but I drifted.” ~May West We drove through the snow that day to finish our jaunt at the Effingham Cross. (I imagine I’ll get hate mail for blasphemy-ing it.) (I’m not that worried about it.) He’d always wanted to do a nude there, and me naked in the snow, I wanted to get the Giant Cross Scavenger Hunt location. I couldn’t manage to get all the way naked, (-20 degrees with the the wind chill!) but we got enough to satisfy us both, I think.  

Panties in the Cold, or a Codiwomple with Allan

I’ve done a “panties” (or knickers for all you Brits) post for Sinful Sunday before, here in Kink & Poly. It was a number of years ago, and a completely different situation from any that I have been in since. It was a tease about a scene I had done in which W had offered my services as a paid submissive. I don’t know if I ever followed up on it and told the whole story. Regardless, the image was kind of sexy. I also did a “panties” Kink of the Week post way back when. It is a pretty good post, if I do say so myself, and also has a cute “drunk girl” pic in it, that I’d forgotten about. Check it out here (so I don’t have to repeat words.) tl;dr I’m a fan of panties. Not really a fan of going commando, unless ordered to –Read more …

F is for…

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It’s that’s time again, the first Sunday of the month, which means it’s prompt weekend for Sinful Sunday. And this month’s prompt is The Letter F. Yes, there are so many, many lovely F words I could have gone with. But after the play V and I had last night, how could I use any word but… Filthy Am I right? Be sure to check out the other Sunday Sinners by kissing the lips below (with your finger…lips on the screen make smudges.)

But that ass…!

Dec 30, 2018 | Posted by in Sinful Sunday | 8

ONE last set from vacation, and then I swear there will be no more whining from me about missing the tropics… It happened at the end of that last day. Tired, sweaty, happy, we headed into the shower at our much-upgraded hotel. This upgrade was obvious by the size of the bath towels. (remember?) Adam felt that proof was needed… See? Good quality towels. “But hey,” he said, “look at that ass…” So I did. And…I liked what I saw. A little bit of effort goes a long way.   Check out all the other Sinful Sundays…

The End of a Sinfully Indulgent Week

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I’m working on a photo blog of the last couple days of the cruise, but as I was doing some photo editing I ran across this image, and I knew I had to post it for Sinful Sunday today. It’s a common enough angle for many of my selfies – I don’t have a lot that I feel the need to criticize here – but also, it epitomizes how I’ve felt all week: languorous, indolent, indulgent. Yes, it’LL be time to return to real life again soon…but not quite yet.    

Yellow, in Black & White

Nov 11, 2018 | Posted by in Fictions, Kinky Stuff, Sinful Sunday | 8

I recently took a jaunt into the woods with my photographer friend Allan, Adam, and C, the girlfriend of mine that did this to me, in order to take pictures for his “yellow” theme. This is the one that we did pictures for out in Vegas. I’ve got some super-cute images that came out of this day, (the more we are together, the more comfortable I feel in front of his camera, the more I feel able to relax, be silly, have FUN with being the object of his lens) but this one – with the yellow deliberately stripped from it – is one I find oddly compelling. We’d been using the yellow rope again, and I wanted to capture a specific image. What I had in mind was quite a bit different than what came out of the session – and yet, in spite of it not quite workingRead more …

Yellow Rope

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I’m exhausted, but can’t sleep. Had a long, really lovely weekend, unmarred by moodiness or angst (mine or anyone else’s in my vicinity), and featuring some good times with friends, with Viper, and with Adam. And even some enjoyable time on my own. Today (Sunday) quite unexpectedly, I wound up at a favorite local park of mine, tied up and hanging from a tree while my photographer friend Allan (that I have mentioned here, and shown some of the photos he’s taken of me), took pictures. It’s amazing what you can do right out in the open, if you’re a) fully dressed, and b) look like you’re “official,” doing a “photo shoot.” Which we were, though there were times I wasn’t always completely dressed (I had my boots and socks on, okay?) But most times I was in a lovely yellow dress or in a black tank and leggings, andRead more …

Garden Glass

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Last summer (wow, has it been that long ago?) I went to an exhibit at the Botanical Gardens called “Glass in the Garden.” I may have even written about it here, I can’t quite recall. The exhibit featured glass in the shapes of leaves, trees, flowers and all manner of growing things, placed strategically throughout the Garden, and then lit up at night. It was beautiful, and my pictures don’t do it justice. But I ran across the pictures today as I was searching for inspiration for the Sinful Sunday prompt, “Macro.” They inspired me to try a little garden glass of my own. Of course, my glass isn’t flower shaped. And doesn’t really belong in the garden. But I think it’s kind of pretty anyway. Don’t you?     Check out the rest of the Sunday Sinners getting all macro this Sunday!