June 26 – #amwriting

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I had it all planned out, my evening, my writing. I had a topic in mind, I had time to myself to do it, I was even going to have myself a “writing date” somewhere to be determined, but certainly not at home. Do some pre-writing at work, as I’ve been able to do the past few days; leave work at 4:45; get to my hair appointment at 5:15; find a nice little wine bar at 7:30; write sexy smutty dirty stuff till 9:30,;be home by 10 and in bed doing a little reading by 11. You know what they say bout the best laid plans. First my coworker didn’t make it in again today, so rather than poking around in my head and playing with words a little bit throughout the day, I was scrambling to get both our jobs done. Then, at about noon, I realized that –Read more …

June 23 – #SOSS – The First

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I am so thoroughly enjoying writing again. Writing for writing’s sake. But I don’t kid myself for a minute that if I didn’t “have” to, that I would be writing every day. (Thank you, Hyacinth, for the kick in the ass!!) I do need a push to get started. Like a kid on a bicycle, right? Or maybe a better metaphor would be a stalled car that you need to push and pop the clutch on to get it going. Yeah, much more evocative image, and hell, truer to life. I’m closer to an old beater car than I am to an innocent child. The other thing that has happened because I am writing more is that I am also reading others’ writings more. I have a few tried-and-true blogs I read, that come to me in my inbox, people I know or feel like I know because I haveRead more …