Wicked Wednesday

That Girl

Jun 12, 2016 | Posted by in Who Is Pieces of Jade?, Wicked Wednesday | 3

Confession time: I’m “that” girl, the one that dropped all her friends the moment she got a new boyfriend. When I fell, I fell hard, and nothing mattered to me but that I wanted to spend all my time with the new love of my life, oftentimes to the (near) exclusion of everyone else in my life. As I am also one of those women that has seldom been without a lover, either male or female, it’s usually meant that my closest friends have almost always been my lovers, boyfriends, Dominants or husbands. I have friends, and did then as well, but they have always been secondary in my life – at times a far, far secondary. I’ve socialized, attending parties and get-togethers, I’ve gone to birthday parties and weddings and out to dinners and the like, but my world – and my identity – has always been deeply andRead more …

In the Audience, a Scavenger Hunt Opportunity

May 25, 2016 | Posted by in Being Poly, Kinky Stuff, Scavenger Hunt, Wicked Wednesday | 6

As many of you know, I took over the Scavenger Hunt meme from Curvaceous Dee when she shut down her sex blog a few months ago. (If you aren’t familiar with it, check out the linked information page – and join in the fun!) I’ve been slow to get it running again, but I’m getting back into the swing of things – and decided it’s time to swing my own bat as well and post one myself! :-) Viper and I had an unexpected date night the other night. We had been scheduled to go to our local kink group’s monthly party with his wife E, who was meeting her Dom there, but what with my back surgery and the struggles I’ve had to regain my physical strength (and a sense of myself as a still-kinky, still-sexy woman), I’d begged off. I probably shouldn’t have – at some point I needRead more …

Day 9 – Chair

Feb 10, 2016 | Posted by in 2016 February Photofest, Fictions, Wicked Wednesday | 4

What? How else would I spend my first evening at home in several days? Reading in my favorite pink socks and panties…about threesomes…of course…   Check out my story, “Full Circle”, as well as a whole heaping pile of hot, sexy, threeway fun: http://www.amazon.com/Three-Hearts-Erotic-Romance-Women-ebook/dp/B00NE6QWH2

Day 3 – Binder Clip

Feb 4, 2016 | Posted by in February Photofest, Kinky Stuff, Wicked Wednesday | 3

From the side of the box: “Holds your documents in one secure, powerful bind.” This may not be a document, but the advertising sure is accurate. Today’s image was brought to you by V’s prompt “binder clip” and by the Wicked Wednesday prompt, “Advert.” V also reminded me that the rubber band from yesterday was not the first time we had played over text at my office. This was: And thus, today’s prompt. It was just before our first “official” date. We’d known each other for years in the local scene, and we’d recently had a mini pick-up scene at a friend’s house, during which we had both felt a pretty strong attraction. Between that time and our first date, we were in almost nonstop communication. So when I confessed my anxiety about our looming meeting, and he suggested the above as a way to distract myself, well…it wasn’t thatRead more …