The Binder

I really love my new heels.

Jul 24, 2017 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, The Binder | 5

I wanted a grown-up pair of heels that were still a bit sexy, a bit sassy, for work. I used to wear my slut heels to work occasionally, at W’s behest, and loved doing it, but – even though there is a new girl here that does wear some wild ones – I just don’t feel the impetus to do so anymore. Still. Can I be Jade without my heels?  I think not!  (Click the link for a lot more shoe love.) So, I found this pair, and I think they are a good compromise. And then…I found a way to make them dirty. When I saw the challenge “sex with an object” in the task binder that Viper prepared for me, I knew I had a way to show him how much I love them – and a way to make them just a little sassier to wear. IRead more …

Sinful in Nola

Jun 11, 2017 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, Memes & Prompts, Sinful Sunday, The Binder | 23

As part of the game V set up for me for while we are apart, he gave me a number of tasks/activities that I could complete – all completely voluntary – but when completed, would earn me points towards rewards when he returns. One of them was this: Get spanked by a person of your choice for a written and read out loud confession of some transgression real or imagined. The “deliverable” for this was a write-up of the experience, and/or a video, if possible, of at least the confession. The place we’re in gave me an opportunity to complete this task in spectacular fashion, as it actually has the door to a confessional booth as part of a wall. The grate through which one speaks opens to the shower room behind, another lovely touch. On this day, though, the door had Adam behind it, ready to hear my confession.Read more …