Touch Myself

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I don’t even remember the why now, but I remember there was a reason I was taking a photo of myself, touching myself. We play these games sometimes. Middle-of-the-week, I-want-you-to-touch-me-but-you-can’t, I-want-to-be-with-you-but-I-can’t, remote games. “Let’s play,” I say. “Give me a task,” I say. “Let me do something for you,” I say. I touch myself; take a photo.


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I was in a weird place. I’d had a perfectly lovely weekend away with my daughter – an accidental mom-and-daughter camping trip in Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, which happened because both her boyfriend and Adam were unable to accompany us as originally planned. I’m not ashamed to say I was fine with the change. I would have enjoyed their company, but having the Girl all to myself all weekend was a real treat. I’m also not ashamed to admit I had some trepidations: I hadn’t camped in more than 3 years, and not without an able male-bodied person in 10 years or more. We also had an 8 hour drive each way, and I had rented a 4-wheel drive truck to haul our gear. Not my usual mode of transportation. But! We went, we survived, we had an amazing time. BUT…I’d also left with unresolved issues between Viper and I.Read more …

Frisky in the Locker Room

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Ever since I saw Molly’s locker room Scavenger Hunt, I have been waiting for an opportunity to get my own. First I had to wait until I actually started using my YMCA membership – I had it for a few months before I ever used it – but then once I started going a lot more often the challenge became finding a time when there was enough privacy to take a snap. It turns out that the Y is a popular place, at least on the days/times that I usually go. And although it’s common to be naked there, snapping pics of oneself while in this state of dishabille would (I imagine) be frowned upon. Still, I persevered, and eventually found a time when there was no one around, at least in the immediate vicinity. I really wanted to capture one in the banks of mirrors that sit face-to-face aroundRead more …

Three Men in One Day

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hearts on a clothesline

I had to go in for a minor medical procedure yesterday. They put me out, so I needed a ride to the hospital and back home, and then someone to stay with me till they were assured of no ill effects from the anesthesia. Boyfriend 1: Comes over bright and early to pick me up. He changed his work schedule around so he could drive me. He sits with me while they prep me and poke me and ask me questions; he’s there when I wake up, listens to doctor’s instructions and takes me home to tuck me in for a nap afterward. Boyfriend 2: Calls me before I leave, having re-worked his morning routine, getting himself up an hour early so he would have time to talk on the phone with me before I went to the hospital, then showed up – surprise! – while I was in recovery.Read more …

I really love my new heels.

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I wanted a grown-up pair of heels that were still a bit sexy, a bit sassy, for work. I used to wear my slut heels to work occasionally, at W’s behest, and loved doing it, but – even though there is a new girl here that does wear some wild ones – I just don’t feel the impetus to do so anymore. Still. Can I be Jade without my heels?  I think not!  (Click the link for a lot more shoe love.) So, I found this pair, and I think they are a good compromise. And then…I found a way to make them dirty. When I saw the challenge “sex with an object” in the task binder that Viper prepared for me, I knew I had a way to show him how much I love them – and a way to make them just a little sassier to wear. IRead more …

I think I can.

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I think I can do this. No, I really do. I think I can be happy. I think I can be content. I think I can accept what is, without pining for what is not. There’s been many times in the past – what’s it been, almost 2 years? – that I haven’t been sure of that. That I’ve doubted and wondered “why” and wished I was anywhere, in any other relationship(s), than the one(s) I am in. That it was all too hard, too complicated, too not-what-I-wanted out of my relationship(s). Out of my life. Sometimes I still feel that way. I love Viper and would be devastated not to have him in my life and I adore and crave the D/s dynamic we have created; I still love and appreciate Adam as much as I ever did (if not more so), even after almost 18 years; and IRead more …

I love his cock.

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I love his cock. The length of it, the breadth of it, its smooth, silky head, hell even the smell of it. This morning it was musky, his perspiration and the smell of sleep mixing with the scent of my own body, that had lain pressed against him all night. He’s as much a cuddler as I am, perhaps more so, as I frequently feel myself grabbed and drug back into his embrace if I have escaped to the cool side of the bed in the night. Last night we went to a play party with a group of our friends. Ad was there too, as well as V’s wife and her play partner(s). He and Adam double-topped me. It was a great game: me down on my hands and knees in the middle of the roomful of people (or face up if that was my choice), “presenting” whatever bodyRead more …

Boundaries with the Romantic Guy

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Once upon a time, what seems like eons ago, I wrote this as the beginning of a new blog post: “I am embarking on yet another new adventure tonight, and as I do so I am filled with trepidation and a sharp longing to be back in the “old days,” the days before he died, my days with Warren. I am missing him so much in this moment that it’s hard to muster up the excitement I felt yesterday when I finalized my plans; or even the nervousness of last night when I contemplated what will most likely happen tonight. So what exactly am I doing tonight? I’m having what I consider to be my first “real” date with the “potential love-interest” I mentioned in an earlier post. It’s been awhile since I went on a first date. It’s been an even longer while since I dated a vanilla person.”Read more …

Dirty Innocence

I laughed a bit to myself when I decided to post this for Sinful Sunday. I mean, it’s just not all that sinful, right? And yet…I find the image oddly sexy and yet comforting at the same time. This is me, now – this is my dirty-girl-ness, so unlike it was back then, when I masturbated on a dirty, grimy floor while W pissed on me.  And yet, sitting on the deck overlooking my little city yard, cooling off after spending the morning on my hands and knees gardening, I am happy. Yes, happy and content with my life. There’s a little more to this story, I suppose. I sent this to my new guy, the Romantic, maybe I shall call him, who is at least nominally vanilla. I guess at some point I need to fill ya’ll in on what’s been going on on that front. But for now, sufficeRead more …