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Mountains, Rocks, Rolling Stones & Hummingbirds

Jan 28, 2017 | Posted by in Being Poly | 2

Adam is a rock. Warren was a rolling stone. V says he is a mountain. I’m a hummingbird. I have always said Adam is my rock. Stable and solid, safe and secure, but not immovable. It takes a good bit of effort, but I can nudge him this way and that, and even pick him up and carry him about if needed. He’s always there for me to fly home to when I need solidity and security. Warren was a rolling stone. Secure and strong, too, but more easily moved, and with the added bonus of being able/willing to initiate movement – to roll – on his own. Viper is, in his own words, a mountain. He’s the immovable center of the world around which his wife and daughter – and now me – live their lives, returning to succor in his steadfastness, knowing he cannot be moved or shaken.Read more …

On Being Owned

Jan 23, 2016 | Posted by in Relationship Stuff | 4

I’ve talked about ownership and being owned a few times over the years over on Kink & Poly, what it meant to W and what it meant to me, within the context of our relationship. I think I distilled it down to its essence pretty well in “Owning My Sexuality as an Owned Slut,” as my sexuality was where W owned me the most. This is what I said there (originally in response to a thread on Fetlife that asked how you “prove” your sluthood – a stupid question, but one that actually made me think about what not means to call oneself a “slut” if you are owned.) I consider my sexuality to be “owned” by my BDSM partner. That is one of the tenets of W’s and my relationship. But, I do consider “owning my sexuality,” owning my identity as a sexual woman, with needs and desires ofRead more …