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Flying – a Scene

Mar 22, 2018 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff | 0

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt was “Sad”.  Ah, hell, I thought, I’ll give you some sad. There’s the lingering, self-possessed sad of the loss of W. This month – tomorrow, in fact – is the Big Sad™, and there’s just no escaping it. It’s wound down though, to something that is almost…soft…padded…just below the surface; only occasionally startling me by rising up and sinking its fangs into me when I least expect it. It’s a sad I live with now; have accepted as a price of being me; have made peace with, at last. There’s the sad of recognizing – and accepting – changes in myself, as I age, as my body changes, as I face my own mortality, and that of my loved ones. There’s the sad of lost opportunities and missed chances, and of poorly made choices. There’s the sad of a broken heart, of a broken relationship; ofRead more …

Chemistry, or, How It Began

Feb 16, 2018 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, Wicked Wednesday | 3

We’re at a party, the first party I’ve been to since W’s passing, actually. It’s a small gathering in a friend’s home. The playspace is in the basement. I’m sitting on the arm of a sofa, he’s next to me. I’m talking with someone else about being caned. A “proper British caning,” is the way I describe it. “I don’t know about a ‘British’ caning, but I give a pretty good caning,” he says. He’s someone I’ve known tangentially in the scene, though his wife’s presence has always been more conspicuous, and, indeed had caught my eye before. I had only ever noticed him doing electrical play, having intense discussions about technology, and once, hitting on someone in a very obvious fashion (it appeared to have worked, because they ended up together for a couple of years.) But – I had noticed him. “Really,” I said, looking down at himRead more …

Day 12 – Frozen Dancer

Well hullo there! Looks like I missed some February Photofest days, but I do have an excuse: I have just returned from a weekend away with both guys. It was a weekend of good friends, much laughter, and an inordinate amount of debauchery and sex with the guys – but with no internet connectivity. We did, however, take lots and lots of pictures, which I will gladly bombard you with for the next however-many-days left in February. It really was so much fun, and I did some things I never thought I’d do, and lots of things I was hoping to do. Where to start, where to start? Well hell, maybe I’ll start at the end (because I can’t ever do things straightforward.) Dancing naked on a frozen lake in 18 degree weather. That’s a thing I never thought I’d do.

Our date-aversary, in which I learn that there’s a correct way to eat sushi.

Oct 4, 2017 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, Wicked Wednesday | 9

Apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong. “Don’t disassemble it,” V admonished, watching me pick apart an avocado roll to make more manageable bites. “Pick it up and put the whole thing in your mouth. It’s meant to be an explosion of flavor in your mouth, all the flavors at once.” Explosion in my mouth. I could think of something else I’d like to explode in my mouth. Back to the task at hand: an entire piece of sushi crammed in my mouth, me trying to chew around it. Hey…it was good. Fantastic, actually. He was right. Even if the size practically made me choke. How do I manage to deepthroat all those cocks? We were at the restaurant we’d gone to on our first date, and then on our first date-aversary, and now on our second. It’s a tradition, now, right? I guess we better hope the restaurant doesn’tRead more …


Sep 8, 2017 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff | 1

I was in a weird place. I’d had a perfectly lovely weekend away with my daughter – an accidental mom-and-daughter camping trip in Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, which happened because both her boyfriend and Adam were unable to accompany us as originally planned. I’m not ashamed to say I was fine with the change. I would have enjoyed their company, but having the Girl all to myself all weekend was a real treat. I’m also not ashamed to admit I had some trepidations: I hadn’t camped in more than 3 years, and not without an able male-bodied person in 10 years or more. We also had an 8 hour drive each way, and I had rented a 4-wheel drive truck to haul our gear. Not my usual mode of transportation. But! We went, we survived, we had an amazing time. BUT…I’d also left with unresolved issues between Viper and I.Read more …

Mountains, Rocks, Rolling Stones & Hummingbirds

Jan 28, 2017 | Posted by in Being Poly | 2

Adam is a rock. Warren was a rolling stone. V says he is a mountain. I’m a hummingbird. I have always said Adam is my rock. Stable and solid, safe and secure, but not immovable. It takes a good bit of effort, but I can nudge him this way and that, and even pick him up and carry him about if needed. He’s always there for me to fly home to when I need solidity and security. Warren was a rolling stone. Secure and strong, too, but more easily moved, and with the added bonus of being able/willing to initiate movement – to roll – on his own. Viper is, in his own words, a mountain. He’s the immovable center of the world around which his wife and daughter – and now me – live their lives, returning to succor in his steadfastness, knowing he cannot be moved or shaken.Read more …

On Being Owned

Jan 23, 2016 | Posted by in Relationship Stuff | 4

I’ve talked about ownership and being owned a few times over the years over on Kink & Poly, what it meant to W and what it meant to me, within the context of our relationship. I think I distilled it down to its essence pretty well in “Owning My Sexuality as an Owned Slut,” as my sexuality was where W owned me the most. This is what I said there (originally in response to a thread on Fetlife that asked how you “prove” your sluthood – a stupid question, but one that actually made me think about what not means to call oneself a “slut” if you are owned.) I consider my sexuality to be “owned” by my BDSM partner. That is one of the tenets of W’s and my relationship. But, I do consider “owning my sexuality,” owning my identity as a sexual woman, with needs and desires ofRead more …