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June 20 – Release

Jun 20, 2018 | Posted by in Every Damn Day in June, Fictions, Wicked Wednesday | 1

Her Story She trembles on the edge, biting her lip in an agony of straining muscles, strangled breath, quivering limbs. She wants it so badly, craves that fall over the edge into ecstasy, after the delicious torment of the climb up, after the pleasure has rolled and twisted like a ball inside of her, dragging her up and up and into this space, to this moment, where she hangs for an eternity. She pants and her fingers dance over her clit, stroking, circling, teasing, then pressing hard as she feels the pressure begin to build. She backs off deliberately when she knows the release is inevitable: stalling, stalling. Teasing; tormenting; holding herself back from the edge. This is the place, the moment, she loves, almost as much as she loves the actual release, that sweet explosion, when it comes. Holding it back is an exquisite torment. Up and down thatRead more …

#MasturbationMonday – Train

May 3, 2016 | Posted by in Fictions, Masturbation Monday, Masturbation Month | Comments Off on #MasturbationMonday – Train

This is my first time submitting to Kayla Lords’ meme Masturbation Monday. I may be too late to post the link to her page today, but even if I can’t, do take go over and take a look at all the masturbatory smutty goodness she has going on over there. It is National Masturbation Month, after all. Since Viper and I spend the majority of our nights apart, we do a lot of prompted masturbation. Since he is my Dominant, a lot of times those prompts are him simply telling me what to do and how to do it, which is hot in its own right. There are also times he requires me to do some reading and then get off to it (or not, depending on his mood), recently we began playing a new remotely-played game that involves a lot of edging and masturbation, and other times we tellRead more …