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#SOSS – The Mid-February, February Photofest Edition

Feb 17, 2019 | Posted by in #SOSS, 2019 February Photofest, Memes & Prompts | 4

I haven’t done a lot of #SOSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) posts, to my own disappointment in myself. There’s no such thing as “too busy” to promote other writers’ hard work, excellent writing and beautiful photography – except when there just isn’t time. I really wanted to change that this month though. So this month, as I have been able, I have been saving images that have particularly struck me from the February Photofest posts. Ultimately, I’d like to mention at least one from every one of the almost-forty (40!) participants.┬áIn the interests in getting this posted this weekend though (I wanted to get it done Saturday, but couldn’t manage it) I’ll have to post only my first half. Forty is a lot of people putting out some gorgeous, titillating, tantalizing, sensual and sexy images every day. Really, you need to go see yourself if you haven’t already. Here areRead more …

February 14 – Cold Day by the Lake

Feb 14, 2019 | Posted by in 2019 February Photofest, Everyday Jade | 5

I have discovered Pixl! This was at the end of our adventure day. I was bundled up next to him in the car, drowsy, satisfied with our day’s ramble. Happy to be sharing this time with him, sharing a mutual interest. A lake by the highway attracted our attention. “I want to take pictures of you by the lake,” he said. We had to double-back to get to it. And there were more cars there than either of us had expected. It was cold. But I couldn’t resist his grin. It was such a beautiful day. Clear, bright, the sunlight like shards of glass, reflecting, prismatic. The sound of geese in the air. The breeze so very cold on exposed skin, on the rings below. It was a good ending to the day.  

February 11 – Pain as Pleasure

I wanted to write about this topic for Prompt 5 of Brigit Delaney’s Erotic Journal Challenge, “Hurt,” but I’m me so of course I waited too long and the link-up is closed. I’ll link you to it anyway (click the icon below) so you can read what other people wrote. There’s some powerful, heart-wrenching, and incredibly brave writing out there. People really suck sometimes. But that’s not the only way to be hurt sexually. I’m talking about “good” hurt, obviously. And if you’ve read here for any length of time, you know that pain, for me and a lot of people, can be pleasurable, or can lead to pleasure. After play tonight that started with the above picture, V and I talked about our beginnings in BDSM. And I commented on having to ask my then-husband to hurt me. At the time, he was okay dabbling in rope, spanking meRead more …

February 7 – Why TBT is So Damned Hard

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I can’t claim this as a Scavenger Hunt because, frankly, I didn’t see “Blackberry Bramble” as a location, nor could I think of anything more generic to claim it as. So, you know, it’s a gimme. It looks like a Scavenger Hunt, but really it’s just me flashing my titties for Adam and Warren’s amusement in a public place. But if I am going to do these “Throwback Thursday” posts, I really have to include this one. Why? Because of the pure joy in these pictures. The happiness. I look at these pictures and I am transported back to that hot summer day… And then, I am boomeranged back to now. No wonder it’s so fucking hard to look at these.

February 4 – Self-Care

I had a totally different idea of the image I was going to post today – another one from my Saturday adventuring with Allan – but then I ended up here, alone, experiencing the after-effects of the event we’d just been at and the choices I make in living the way I do. Text messages, when I might prefer loving hands, skin on skin, a warm body and arms holding me. Adam, via text, moments ago: “I think we have gotten to bedtime. Love you!” And Viper, moments later: “Gonna go ahead and say goodnight…” And I am here, alone because I choose to be, but also alone because I can’t pick and choose when to be alone. Sometimes, when I don’t wanna be…here I am. But it’s not as bad as it has been before. Sub-drop is not quite as hard; I’ve learned to manage as an only. AsRead more …

Pondering February Photofest

If you’ve been around the sex blogging blogosphere for long, or around here for long, you’ve no doubt run across the meme that Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss hosts every February: February Photofest. It is no small undertaking, and it has grown exponentially since she first started it. I have participated every year since the beginning except 2015. In fact, the last photo I took for W was one for the meme while I was separated from him by work commitments – the night before his first stroke, the one that put him in the hospital and was the beginning of the end. February Photofest is so many things for so many people. It is a celebration, it is a learning experience, it is a chance to explore or to push boundaries. Sometimes, for me, it was a way to connect across the miles with W, as when I wasRead more …

The Hidden Power of Lingerie

Jan 29, 2019 | Posted by in Lingerie is for Everyone, Memes & Prompts | 4

I wish I’d gotten the full – undressed – version of this outfit, instead of just this snap at a restaurant we went to after the play party – because the whole ensemble was chosen specifically to showcase the lingerie beneath. Instead, all I have is this little glimpse… I love lingerie, and was so excited when I saw it is the topic of a new weekly meme. I can’t imagine that I will write – or take pictures – for it every week; like wearing lingerie, writing for (or primping for) the prompt will probably be more of a deliberate treat, something I think about, plan for, and look forward to. Like this past Saturday. This was the full outfit. I’d picked it out especially to show off the black bra (and the black lace panties you can’t see.) It was a play party I was dressing up for,Read more …

Panties in the Cold, or a Codiwomple with Allan

I’ve done a “panties” (or knickers for all you Brits) post for Sinful Sunday before, here in Kink & Poly. It was a number of years ago, and a completely different situation from any that I have been in since. It was a tease about a scene I had done in which W had offered my services as a paid submissive. I don’t know if I ever followed up on it and told the whole story. Regardless, the image was kind of sexy. I also did a “panties” Kink of the Week post way back when. It is a pretty good post, if I do say so myself, and also has a cute “drunk girl” pic in it, that I’d forgotten about. Check it out here (so I don’t have to repeat words.) tl;dr I’m a fan of panties. Not really a fan of going commando, unless ordered to –Read more …