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February 9 – Back from Ohio

Feb 9, 2019 | Posted by in February Photofest, Kinky Stuff, Memes & Prompts | 1

Sunday Night, Home Again What a week I’ve had. I got very ill with a stomach bug the Tuesday before we left for Ohio, then came down with a vicious head cold Wednesday morning, the day before I was to go over to V’s before we headed out of town. It was to be our first weekend away, alone at a kink event, in almost 3 years. But instead of the pre-event debauchery I had imagined, I spent Thursday night drugged on Nyquil with a box of tissues curled up in the bed we share at his house, by turns whimpering because I felt so bad and apologizing because I felt so bad. I was medicated to the gills all the way up to Ohio in the car on Friday, although by that time the worst had passed, and 8 hours after we started out I was feeling more myselfRead more …

The Hidden Power of Lingerie

Jan 29, 2019 | Posted by in Lingerie is for Everyone, Memes & Prompts | 4

I wish I’d gotten the full – undressed – version of this outfit, instead of just this snap at a restaurant we went to after the play party – because the whole ensemble was chosen specifically to showcase the lingerie beneath. Instead, all I have is this little glimpse… I love lingerie, and was so excited when I saw it is the topic of a new weekly meme. I can’t imagine that I will write – or take pictures – for it every week; like wearing lingerie, writing for (or primping for) the prompt will probably be more of a deliberate treat, something I think about, plan for, and look forward to. Like this past Saturday. This was the full outfit. I’d picked it out especially to show off the black bra (and the black lace panties you can’t see.) It was a play party I was dressing up for,Read more …