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Emotional Flotsam

Jul 26, 2016 | Posted by in Being Poly, Life Before | 1

We’ve been going through a difficult time. I’m calling it growing pains – at nearly a year, many relationships go through a bout of it – but it could quickly devolve into a growing break if the issues are not addressed and resolved. Feeling restricted from writing here doesn’t make it any easier, as this was always my way of processing and finding resolution – and peace – with what are often roiling, uncomfortable, loud, disagreeable emotions. I don’t like being in the midst of that storm any more than the people around me enjoy being buffeted by it, and being able to write through the part where I want to stand up and scream my confusion, fury and distress has been my safety valve. I wondered recently why I never seemed to go through what I have put my loved ones – V in particular, but everyone is affectedRead more …

February 12 & 13 – Fork & a Three-Way

Feb 15, 2016 | Posted by in 2016 February Photofest, Being Poly, Kinky Stuff | 0

Yep, I’ve done it again, I missed posting my daily February Photofest pics. Once again, however, I took pictures! I just didn’t post them. I’m still figuring out my blogging/writing routine. I’m figuring out my life routine… Anyway, in a few pictures, in a few words, here are the last few Photofest pics… February 12 – Fork   There were several images I wanted to create for this prompt. I had visions of poking soft female flesh under the table…of snapping a clandestine photo while the waiter and patrons had their heads turned during my pre-Valentine’s Day date with V… It didn’t happen because of lack of opportunity. I thought of looping the tines through my rings at some point during our date and snapping a pic…but we didn’t end up in a place where that was possible. But early on – during our dinner – we snapped this picture.Read more …