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Unsolicited SONA Cruise Review

Dec 7, 2017 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff | 0

I don’t do sponsored product reviews – though perhaps I should since I enjoy toys so much – but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to review the product fairly if it was given to me. So, instead, every so often I just buy a new toy and then, for fun, review it anyway. That’s what I’m doing with the SONA Cruise by Lelo. I ordered the SONA Cruise after reading first Kayla’s review of it, and then several others. I love Baldy, my Hitachi Magic Wand (enough to name it, obviously), but there are times when I’d like a different toy. Unfortunately it’s not easy, when one has found Nirvana with a Hitachi, to achieve that bliss with another vibration toy. At least for me. I have found a few others that I can orgasm with (especially when used by/with a partner) but they are few and farRead more …

Which is the toy?

Jun 4, 2016 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff, Sinful Sunday | 11

Once a month Molly posts a prompt to inspire our Sunday sinfulness (heads-up – next month I’m writing it!) This month’s prompt is “toys.” I have a lot of toys. Sex toys, BDSM toys, toys attached to my body…  It was hard to decide what to feature! So…you decide! Which is the toy here: girl, piercings, plug – or all three? Sinful Sunday is all about the image. Click the link below to be taken to all the other Sunday Sinners or to join in the fun.

How do YOU masturbate?

May 6, 2016 | Posted by in Masturbation Month | 1

One of the most empowering things about masturbation is that through self-pleasuring, we learn about our bodies. We learn what feels good and what doesn’t, what makes us tick; how our bodies work and how we can give ourselves pleasure. When we learn to give ourselves orgasms, we are then able to teach our lovers how to do so, and invite them to share this intimate space with us, where everyone reaches sexual fulfillment, in whatever form that takes. Knowing our own bodies intimately gives us agency over and responsibility for our own pleasure. When we encounter a selfish lover, someone who doesn’t care if we are satisfied sexually, or who ignores our attempts to teach them how to help us achieve orgasm, we know that ultimately we own our own orgasms – we don’t have to rely on them “give them” to us. It can be an empowering feeling. It’s givenRead more …

May is #MasturbationMonth

May 2, 2016 | Posted by in Masturbation Month, Memes & Prompts, Sinful Sunday | 1

For as long as humans have known they could derive pleasure from touching their genitals, you can bet they’ve been doing it. Masturbation is a natural consequence of feeling sexual pleasure…the first time it happened it might have been an accident, but once felt, it’s hard to not want to experience it again. Unfortunately, as soon as we discover this wonderful new world, we are often shamed into desisting, told it’s bad, wrong, dirty, sinful. Masturbation is as healthy and natural an activity as any other, but it has long been maligned, blamed for all manner of ills from blindness to insanity, and many religions link it to sin and condemn the act. I actually found this lovely tidbit this evening as I tooled around the interwebs, looking for images of sex toys: But sex toys have been around as long as man has had the ability to carve a pieceRead more …

February 14 – Valentine Filth

I had planned for my (pre)Valentine’s Day date with V to be…filthy. Dirty in ways that I haven’t even begun to divulge here. Unfortunately, for various reasons – mostly to do with my (traitorous) body – none of those things happened. This Kink of the Week‘s topic is “filth.” I almost missed it, but am so glad I didn’t. Being a dirty girl is central to my kink, to many of V’s and my kink interactions. I’m his dirty kitty. He doesn’t know about his missed Valentine’s Day present. Well… He didn’t. Until now.