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Of Subdrop & Self-Care

Dec 5, 2017 | Posted by in Being Poly, Kinky Stuff, Life Before, Relationship Stuff | 2

Whoa…it’s been awhile since I’ve had a bona fide case of subdrop. Long enough that I can’t really remember when it last was. I didn’t even drop after the event a few weekends ago, when I spent two full days and nights with both guys, got cut on, and beat up, and made to fuck a dragon cock in public while Viper shoved a glass dildo up my ass. Oh, and I happened to be wrapped up tight in neon pink vet-wrap so that I looked like an amputee. With a ballgag in my mouth and vet-wrap over my eyes too, up on a table where a dungeon full of kinksters could watch as I was made to fuck myself silly, grinding helplessly against Baldy, the dragon cock in my pussy and V pushing the glass wand in and out of my ass. It’s that part that is most embarrassing,Read more …


Sep 18, 2017 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff | 2

It’s the end of two nights together. I am at the dining room table, both laptops open while I work on homework. Surprisingly, we had not had a heavy scene over the two nights. Saturday we had played at our local groups’ playspace, but it had been a rope scene – more predicament and psychological play than straight-up impact. Remembering balancing on one leg, the other high up in the air, spreading me open for all to see; the rope tight around my torso, arms and leg; the feel of whatever-it-was he was whacking me with sharp and insistent as I spun away from him and struggled to stay upright. Then him drawing me in close. “What’s a kitty say?” he whispers in my ear. “No,” I say, just to resist. He smacks my thigh. “What’s a kitty say?” “Ow!” I yelp. He smacks me again, sharper. “What’s a kittyRead more …

Punch Drunk

Jan 30, 2016 | Posted by in Kinky Stuff | 0

I’m sitting at V and E’s kitchen table, eating scrambled eggs that he cooked for me and poking in an absent way at the tender spot on my upper arm. His daughter sits across from me, chattering happily.  I think about how strange this is, to be sitting here, part of his family, while only last night he had been punching me in the arms, legs and chest while I tried to suppress my yelps so as not to wake his wife and child. Strange and wonderful. But strange. I’m still adjusting to these new relationships – the one with him, the one with his wife, and the one in which I am part of their family, at least peripherally. But more on that later. This night, not more than fifteen minutes before we began to roll about and tussle on the couch, V and I had been having aRead more …