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D is for Divulge

Apr 4, 2018 | Posted by in A-Z Blogging Challenge, Everyday Jade | 0

How much do you divulge to a new acquaintance? Someone who you have not met thru the usual alternative channels? Except for work and school, with their artificial spheres of friendship and camaraderie, I haven’t made a potential new friend outside those spaces in…I don’t know how long. Today, I did. Well, not exactly today. I’d met her a couple weeks ago. We were both at my Tuesday morning coffee shop, me with my laptop to ostensibly get some programming done before work, she with hers to (I was to learn) do an interview over Slack for a programming job. She saw the program I had up on my screen when she walked behind me to get to her table, and after a moment, asked me what language I was programming in. Being me, I was flustered and promptly forget every programming language out there. I think I may haveRead more …

Blurred Lines

Dec 24, 2015 | Posted by in Everyday Jade, Kinky Stuff, Life Before | 0

Who am I without him? No, I am not asking in the way that I did in those first dark days when the question was actually, “how do I live my life without him in it”…I’m asking it as an honest exploration of self, of what it means to be me…me without him to reflect off of, me with only myself to answer to, me as a woman, as a submissive, as a kinky person, as an “s” without a “D”. As a single submissive. How much of what I desired, of what I wanted in BDSM and in sex, was really wanted I wanted, as opposed to what he wanted? I wanted what he wanted. I wanted to be what he wanted me to be. I was a reflection of his desire, of his need, of his Dominance. I was the creature he had created. That is what itRead more …