The Scavenger Hunt

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The Scavenger Hunt is a list to inspire more and better dares of places to flash, be exhibitionistic, show body parts, and let it all hang out! The rules are simple:


  1. Take a photograph – one or more – of yourself flashing in a public place. That means not your house or backyard! You can include video, but this is primarily a picture hunt.
  2. The location needs to be somewhere people can potentially see you.
  3. There needs to be enough of the location in the photo to be identifiable (so not a macro shot of just the body part).
  4. Complete nakedness isn’t necessary – flashing your tits or your bits works fine too. The idea is to be inappropriately exposed (this means no naturist spots).
  5. Post your picture(s) on your blog and then (this bit’s important) let me know so I can update this page! Email me or tweet me (@piecesofjade).
  6. NB: If your site has gone dark, or hasn’t been updated for a year or longer, you’ll be removed from the Scavenger Hunt pages.

Please jump in and suggest new places for the list, or to just get nekkid/photograph yourself at them and see if the crowd deems it worthy (tip: we usually do). Then we’ll add it on.

There are some awards for the bold, and the very bold. Download them for yourself once you’ve achieved them (hotlinking here will not work), show these on your site and link back to this page:

Scavenger Hunt Bronze
Bronze: 1 or more location achieved

Scavenger Hunt Silver
Silver: 3 or more locations achieved

Scavenger Hunt Gold
Gold: 10 or more locations achieved

Scavenger Hunt Platinum
Platinum: 30 or more locations achieved

Scavenger Hunt Diamond
Diamond: 100 or more locations achieved