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Below are the participants in the Scavenger Hunt, and the locations they have successfully achieved (in the order they achieved them). Want to join us? The rules are simple, and can be found here.

Diamond Participants (100+)

Scavenger Hunt Diamond

Dragon’s Kink (118)

Cemetery, Car park, Hardware store, Library, Tunnel, Road, Park, Supermarket, Office, Church, Dam, Reservoir, Hotel, Train station, Beach, Monument, Boat ramp, Fire escape, Elevator, Power transmitter, Post boxes, Bridge, Tree, Hospital, Medical practice, Airport, Garden, Drive through, Bus depot, Hiking trail, Fire hydrant, Money machine, Snowfield, Stairs, Earthmoving equipment, Dumpster, Water tower, Rocks, Observation tower, Historical place, Car wash, Observatory, Car bonnet, Cave, Roof, Stream, Zoo, Public toilet, Jetty, Picnic site, Belltower, Balcony, Backstage, Town Hall, Bus stop, Lane, Field, Sculpture, Graffiti, Construction site, Sport field, Equipment locker, Exercise area, Playground, Underwater, Theatre, Drinking fountain, Bleachers, Gate, Train tracks, Bench, Woods, Players benches, Gazebo, Geocache, Vending machine, Voting booth, AED, Sex shop, Restaurant, Photocopier, Castle, Petrol pump, Stage, Birdhouse, Fire extinguisher, Conference room, Glasshouse, Wildlife intervention, Pipe, Well, Lake, Dock, Manhole, Waterfall, Wagon, Traffic Sign, Mill, Port-a-loo, Kitchen, Solar panel, Fishing nets, Boundary wall, Piercing parlour, Farming equipment, Wreck, Flagpole, Classroom, Pool, Power station, Boardwalk, Bike ramp, Fort, Street light, Shipping container, Locker room, Water cooler, Level crossing

Curvaceous Dee (113)

Train, Trig point, Airport, Sex shop, Tunnel, Beach, Museum, Boat ramp, Hardware store, Road, Sculpture, Car wash, Tank, Train station, Scenic lookout, Cable car, Hotel, Aeroplane, Café, Balcony, Public toilet, Cemetery, Bridge, Bunker, Bookshop, Cave, Park, Hospital, Tree, Underwater, Roof, Well, Garden, Castle, Car park, Medical practice, Pipe, Fountain, Stairs, Construction site, Escalator, Fast-food chain, Graffiti, Footpath, Walkway, Picnic site, Train tracks, Elevator, Bar, Theatre, Petrol pump, Hair salon, Playground, Rocks, Bush, Ship, Demolition yard, Bleachers, Skyway, Vineyard, Car bonnet, Gate, Wildlife Park, Bus stop, Drive-through, Drinking fountain, TV studio, Name, Bench, Wharf, Money machine, Lane, Roundabout, Post office, Billboard, Street light, Aquarium, Outflow, Monument, Gazebo, Chiller, Flagpole, Traffic sign, Office, Dumpster, Exercise area, Skate ramp, Church, Real estate sign, Manhole, Boundary wall, Historical place, Observatory, Waterfall, Kitchen, Telephone booth, Bills/posters, Lake, Shipping container, Sports club, Telephone exchange, Cannon, Embankment, Marina, Hiking trail, Scoreboard, Sports field, Fire station, Players bench, Dam, Earthmoving equipment, Clifftop, Livestock

Platinum Participants (30+)

Scavenger Hunt Platinum

Modesty Ablaze (91)

Telephone booth, Farm, Balcony, Pool, Park, Woods, Tree, Footpath, Bench, Beach, Flagpole, Supermarket, Escalator, Gazebo, Monument, Train, Historical place, Lake, Tunnel, Stadium, Sports field, Tattoo parlour, Car, Elevator, Carpark, Castle, Map, Court, Garden, Street light, Scenic lookout, Restaurant, Boundary wall, Sports club. Public toilet, Cemetery, Lifeguard tower, Post box, Reservoir, Bandstand, Stairs, Bus stop, Observatory, Cannon, Clifftop, Quay, Roundabout, Warning sign, Sculpture, Bike rack, Fire hydrant, Ruins, Hiking trail, Holiday decorations, Earth moving equipment, Waterfall, Exit sign, Fort, Power transmitter, River, Rocks, Bridge, Pedestrian crossing, Hardware Store, Dumpster, Alley, Hotel, Library, Graffiti, Gate, Winery, Cave, Market stall, Marina, Skate park, Bar, Fountain, Playground, Outdoor shower, Money machine/ATM, Driftwood, Parking meter, Golf course, Life buoy/ring, Mountain, Road/StreetBillboard, Boat Ramp, Water wheel, Causeway

Molly’s Daily Kiss (75)

Train, Hotel, Supermarket, Park, Bus stop, Hardware store, Roof, Monument, Fountain, Car bonnet, Train station, Telephone booth, Historical building, Alley, Field, Footpath, Elevator, Bridge, Fishing nets, Balcony, Pipe, Car park, Construction site, Church, Castle, Petrol pump, Rocks, Stream, Golf course, Gate, Stairs, Level crossing, Cave, Beach, Money machine, Roundabout, Quay, Tree, Van, Sex shop, Street light, Underwater, Tattooist, Postbox, Earthmoving equipment, Bike rack, Livestock, Bench, Train tracks, Farm, Escalator, Sports field, Real estate sign, Fire station, Nature reserve, Life buoy, Prison, Lock, Graffiti, Picnic site, Graveyard, Holiday decorations, Pedestrian crossing, Gymnasium, Lighthouse, Road, Water park, Pool, Name, Beach hut, Fire hydrant, Ruins, Library, Scenic overlook, Pokemon Go!

Pieces of Jade (aka Kink & Poly) (71)

Medical practice, Sculpture, Park, Inn, Lock and dam, Fountain, Cemetery, Graffiti, Balcony, Canyon, Levee, Elevator, Oil refinery, Ship, Beach, Lovers leap, Bridge, Train, Garden, River, Rocks, Waterfall, Pump station, Hunting blind, Car, Car park, Playground, Scenic lookout, Tree, Wreck, Golf course, Observation tower, Gate, Boundary wall, Zipline, Bus, Barge, Public toilet, Woods, Cycle trail, Boat ramp, Bar, Road, Breakwater, Driftwood, Field, Fire hydrant, Roof, Bench, Stairs, Tunnel, Tank, Cave, Clifftop, Vineyard, Birdhouse, Farm, Winery, Electrical substation, Tidal pools, Church, Lava plain, Underwater, Antique, Fence, Livestock, Campground, Dumpster, Art, Lighthouse, Bike rack

Rebel’s Notes (66)

Lane, Tree, Park, Gate, Pipe, River, Public toilet, Zoo, Garden, Sculpture, Locker, Quay, Monument, Bridge, Tunnel, Elevator, Hallway, Office, Balcony, Car park, Car, Bus stop, Speed obstacle, Pub, Alley, Aeroplane, Convention, Train tracks, Church, Graffiti, Bunker, Post box, Bike lane, Restaurant, Stairs, Hotel, Piercing parlour, Sex shop, Cemetery, Fire extinguisher, Waxing studio, Bench, Art (public), Bollard, Earthmoving equipment, Shipping container, Ship, Historical place, Electrical mast, Ladder, Woods, Playground, Water Taxi, Planter (public), Bike rack/shed, Construction site, Lobby, Escalator, Raising arm barrier, Crops, Scenic Overlook, Dumpster, Level Crossing/Railroad Crossing, Cave, Fire Escape, Campground/Holiday Park

Gold Participants (10+)

Scavenger Hunt Gold

Great Love Toys (22)

Woods, Hiking trail, Rocks, Lake, Field, Construction site, Sculpture, Fitness centre, Public toilet, Stairs, Cemetery, Vineyard, Dugout, Picnic site, Stage, Bridge, Scenic lookout, Tunnel, Motorcycle, Ice machine, Vending machine, Graffiti

LilMissShalla (21)

Castle, Field, Train tracks, Construction site, Woods, Pub, Hotel, Public toilet, Bus, Aeroplane, Locksmith, Rocks, Picnic site, Car, Carpark, Roof, River, Stairs, Festival, Church, Gate

Sex with Rose (20)

Train, Office, Hospital, Docks, Hostel, Stairs, Public toilet, Woods, Hair salon, Aeroplane, Boat, Path, Bunker, Balcony, Car park, Rocks, Cemetery, Garden, Ski lift, Snowfield

A to sub-Bee (28)

Groyne, Balcony, Cemetery, Bench, Zoo, Street light, Docks, Picnic site, Tree, Bridge, Oil refinery, Beach, Name, Ship, Bus Stop, Historical place, Real estate sign, Hallway, Underwater, Hide, Graffiti, Lake, Prison, Electricity Pylon, Restaurant, Dumpster, Telephone booth, Playground

Clive Journeys into Kink (19)

Beach, Park, Balcony, Woods, Underwater, Waterfall, Castle, Bridge, Trig point, Gate, Tree, Stream, Historical place, Lake, Cemetery, Lane, Jetty, Navigation light, Bombing range

Beck And Her Kinks (19)

Cemetery, Supermarket, Balcony, Public toilet, Car bonnet, Pond, Fire hyrant, Street light, Flag, Traffic sign, Tree, Construction site, Hiking trail, Scenic lookout, Bench, Car park, Earthmoving equipment, Manhole, Fence

Changing Views (19)

Trig point, Beach, Garden, Sculpture, Hotel, Lake, Lock, Monument, Car park, Tree, Tank, Castle, Historical place, Waterfall, Woods, Graveyard, Rocks, Stadium, Crypt, Giant Cross

iKinkThere4iAm (17)

Telephone booth, Train, Mini-golf, Fort, Marina, Field, Geocache, Farm, Campground, Bridge, Historical place, Cemetery, Woods, Lake, Walkway, Well, Balcony

Kinky Mia (16)

Field, Lock, Woods, Tree, Gate, Bench, Bridge, Sculpture, Stream, Map, Traffic sign, Road, Stile, Elevator, Hallway, Castle

Penny’s Dirty Thoughts (10)

Hiking trail, Waterfall, Festival, Train tracks, Pool, River, Hotel, Graffiti, Rocks, Underwater

Silver Participants (3+)


Gay Whore Story (7)

Sex shop, Road, Money machine/ATM, Exit sign, Elevator, Convenience store, Beach

Kinky Biker Mom (6)

Fast-food chain, Tree, Flagpole, Street light, Cemetery, Car

GummiPuppe (5)

Road, Internet cafe, Street light, Hotel, Public toilet

Her Second Chance (5)

Dirt trail, Public toilet, Park, Art, Tree

Kilted Wookie (8)

Beach, Picnic site, Loch, Road, Town hall, Forest/forest glade, Park, Hillside

Lusting Lola (4)

Car wash, Theatre, Office, Library

Cherry Tart Blog (4)

Beach, Fort, Hiking trail, Stile

TheSinDoll (3)

Bridge, Hospital, Medical practice

Bronze Participants (1+)

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Severin (2)

Monument, Hotel

Dirty Little Whispers (2)

Wildlife intervention, Hiking trail

Behind the Chintz Curtain (2)

Bush, Historical place

Cammies on the Floor (2)

Car park, Bombing range

Miss Scarlet Writes (2)

Woods, Castle

Space Bunny Kink (1)


Naked and Free (1)

Hiking trail

Charlie in the Pool (1)